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Who to Contact?

Type of Issues/Enquiries Point-of-Contact
ModReg Access or System-related Issues ModReg Help Desk

Hotline: 6516-5860
Only available during Module Registration Exercise at following working hours:
9:00am - 6:00pm (Mon to Thurs)
9:00am - 5:30pm (Fri)

Alternatively, you may submit an online ModReg Enquiries Form here.

Class and Exam Timetable Issues
Modules related Issues (e.g. pre-requisites/co-requisites/preclusions, pre-allocation, vacancies, etc.) List of Faculty/School for:
- Undergraduate Students
- Graduate Students
- Non-graduating Students
- Continuing & Professional Education Students
Workload Send an email to, quoting your full name and Student ID/Number to enable us to assist you promptly.
ModReg Allocation Outcomes Refer to ModReg Schedule for module allocation outcome release dates. ModReg Central Team will also send email & SMS to inform students when outcomes are released.
ModReg Appeal Outcomes Students to check from "Submit Appeals/Inquiries" page @ ModReg.
LumiNUS Issues Contact CIT Help Desk here.
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