How to Study Smart

Some study tips to help you ace your exams!



With the exam period around the corner, we know things can get a bit hectic.

Small steps can lead to successful results and once you know what it is that helps you succeed, make sure you put it into practice!

Aside from getting adequate rest and sleep during this somewhat stressful period, good study tips are essential to get the most of your time spent studying.

So prepare your brains, set a solid foundation, and pick up some quick and easy ways to help you get through this!

Schedule your time

Take some time before you start studying to plan your studies properly!

Make sure you're reasonable with yourself; try not to set ridiculous timings that you know you may not be able to follow.

It's also advisable to include regular actitivties such as going to the gym or even spending time with family and friends in your study plans.

Remember, if you plan ahead and schedule your studies properly, chances are, you won't have to sacrifice anything from your social timetable (BUT remember not to overdo the fun!).

Find a calm and relaxed place to study

Make sure you choose a place that is comfortable in surroundings that will keep all distractions at bay.

The place you choose should be quiet enough for you to concentrate and have enough space for your books and pens.

Studying at a local cafe or at a fast food outlets may sound like a whole ton of fun, but these places tend to be noisy and distracting...

Studying as a group has its advantages and its downsides: on the one hand, you can get help from friends when you're a little unsure of how to solve something, but on the other hand the temptation to joke around is too strong and at the end of the day you may not have studied as much as you planned.

Remember, what works for others may not work for you, so choose a study space according to your own needs and not according to other people's whims!

Take regular breaks

Why work yourself to the point of no return? Learn how to take breaks in between cram sessions.

For example, every 40 minutes or so, take a break from the books and so something else for at least 5 to 15 minutes.

Have a walk, stretch, grab a snack or drink, or simply stare out of the window for a very brief daydream!

Keep it short and sweet so that your brain - your best ally in any exam! - has enough time to rest!

Try to eat well

A balanced diet is important no matter what you're trying to achieve.

If you want your body and mind to be in optimum shape, then a healthy diet comprising power snacks packed with the essential vitamins and minerals is something that you should have!

In order to stay energised and alert instead of tired and sleepy, skip the sweets and pastries and go for any fresh fruits and vegs.

How about that apple for starters? :D

Set your goals

Above all else, everyone needs a set of goals if they want to see any major changes in life!

How will you study? What are you aiming to achieve each day? How far through your textbooks do you intend to go through on an average day?

Goals should constantly be reviewed as your studies progress or if you find that topics get harder.

Re-think them and set more time to things that will help you jump over each hurdle to help you be where you want to be.

Happy Studying! 

Contributed By: Health Promotion Board (HPB)

How to Study Smart by Health Promotion Board, 17 Aug 2020,

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