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The New NUS: To amplify, and not diminish, the University Scholars Programme and Yale-NUS story

11 Sep 2021

Professor Tan Eng Chye highlights the critical role which universities play in the current landscape and also shares some advice for today’s youth with youth-led nonprofit Advisory.

How digital twins are building a carbon neutral campus

20 Aug 2021

NUS plans to plant 100,000 trees over the next 10 years with the help of digital twins. The university is using 3D digital building models, geospatial tech and IoT to simulate and analyse the environment, so it can find the best homes for the trees.

Universities must promote innovation and creativity in a post-COVID world

31 May 2021

The flagship NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) programme immerses students in global entrepreneurial hotspots and has produced some 3,000 alumni.

A degree in learning to be human

8 Jan 2021

Universities can no longer operate like a factory, churning out graduates, just in time, to industry specifications, as quickly and as cheaply as they can.

Universities need to tear down subject silos

10 Sep 2020

The post-Covid-19 world requires universities to move from subject specialisation to interdisciplinary teaching and research.

“Excellence and relevance are not mutually exclusive”

20 Aug 2020

Research should not be looked at in isolation, but rather consider the entire “ecosystem”.

Across the Board: The University in a post-COVID-19 world

3 Jul 2020

To better prepare our students to fulfil their aspirations and to solve society’s future problems, we need to incorporate inter-disciplinarity explicitly across all levels.

It’s time to rebuild the university on a foundation of interdisciplinarity

28 Jun 2020

The challenges of the future won’t respect disciplinary boundaries, so why would we teach and research within them? asks Tan Eng Chye.

Interview with CNBC Asia

23 August 2019

Professor Tan Eng Chye tells CNBC’s Squawk Box Asia about resources that the University has made available to working adults.

Reflections with Professor Tan Eng Chye

24 May 2019

Professor Tan Eng Chye highlights the critical role which universities play in the current landscape and also shares some advice for today’s youth with youth-led nonprofit Advisory.

NUS President receives honorary degree from Southampton

14 December 2018

Professor Tan Eng Chye has been awarded with an Honorary Doctor of Science from the University of Southampton, UK in recognition of his passion and excellence as an award-winning educator and leader.

A blueprint for the great beyond

Alumnus October-December 2018

The University’s new vision, mission and values provide a roadmap for uniting the NUS community and exploring ways to achieve higher levels of excellence.

Higher Education in Singapore

29 October 2018

At the recent ISAS-CII Distinguished Lecture 2018 in Chennai, India, Professor Tan Eng Chye shared his thoughts about higher education and its challenges.

Interview with CGTN

10 April 2018

Professor Tan Eng Chye talked about China's new measures for opening up its economy and the future development of Singapore after Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote address at the 2018 Boao Forum for Asia.

Asia’s top university makes computational thinking compulsory

13 March 2018

Professor Tan Eng Chye talks about the University’s approach to teaching in order to prepare students for a world increasingly shaped by digital technology and automation.

NUS President in Davos

26 January 2018

Professor Tan Eng Chye joined various university leaders, policymakers and industry leaders in a discussion on university-industry collaboration at the Times Higher Education Davos Innovation Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Prof Tan Eng Chye to be new NUS President

28 July 2017

Professor Tan Eng Chye, who is the chief architect of NUS’ pioneering educational and academic programmes, will be the University’s next President on 1 January 2018.