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KR Identity




The Argent comprises a blue upward thrusting Chevron, a Lion Rampant Guardant and an Open Book. It is our Royal Coat of Arts, a part of our distinguished heritage.

The Lion Rampant Guardant symbolizes strength, courage and action; the willingness and drive to put into practice what we have learnt.

The Chevron represents the ridge on which our hall is situated and named after. It rises to the top signifying our research for excellence and higher aims and goals. Its shape is also reminiscent of a roof, symbolizing our life in a closely-knit community.

The Open Book is an archaic book with locks which have been opened, representing the quest for knowledge and the pursuit of academic excellence. It has the initials of the hall, KR.

The Gules are a set of laurel leaves in gold which support the argent. They signify the premier status and spirit of our hall on Campus.




We are from Kent Ridge
The greatest Hall
We are one in Unity
There is none we fear
We top them all
Our strength’s in loyalty
Kent Ridge Hall forever we proclaim
And this will be our aim
We will Seek and Strive
Excel each day
To bring glory to our name
Kent Ridge!