• Only full-time students registered with the National University of Singapore (NUS) are eligible.
  • International students (non-Singaporean/Singapore PR) are required to have the appropriate and valid passes as issued by the Immigration & Custom Authority (ICA) or Ministry of Manpower (MOM) during the course of their stay in an NUS accommodation.
  • International students are assured accommodation in their first two years of their studies in NUS subject to the submission of an accommodation application. However, please also note that this assurance is only valid for semester 1 applications submitted within the stipulated exercise periods.
  • Students are required to be insured under the NUS student insurance scheme or its equivalent throughout their stay in an NUS accommodation.
  • NUS hostels fees are reviewed and adjusted periodically to reflect the cost of providing housing to students. For more information of the latest hostel rates review, please click here.

Please note that you are not eligible to stay in any NUS accommodation if:

  • You are no longer of full-time status (e.g. on Leave of Absence, withdrew or graduated). Instead, 7 days’ notice will be given for you to vacate your room except under exceptional circumstances.
  • You have outstanding arrears in your accommodation accounts.
  • Your official status is designated as a Graduate student.

For incoming freshmen and non-KR resident seniors:

  • You will need to apply for a place during the stipulated exercise periods, and put Kent Ridge Hall as your first choice. Application dates can be found here.

For current residents:

  • You will need to reapply for your NUS accommodation each year, and also put Kent Ridge Hall as your first choice. Selection will be based on availability and the prevailing Residence Admission Scheme(RAS) , which is mainly based on one’s contributions to the hall in the previous year.
  • Please note that overseas SEP/NOC students are not assured of accommodation upon their return to NUS. Allocation will be based on the prevailing admission criteria.

For more information on application for NUS accommodations, please refer to

Last but not least, to apply, please use the following links:

For Students without NUS Student Card:
Please visit log in using NUS application number and password or PIN.

For Students with NUS Student Card:
Please visit log in using your NUSNET ID and NUS password or PIN.


Financial Aid

Residents of Kent Ridge Hall are invited to apply for one of the following schemes listed below.
Application dates would usually be between April to May, and the Hall Administration will send out a call for applications once it is opened.

Kent Ridge Hall Financial Assistance Award (FAA)
This award seeks to provide assistance to hall residents who are in need of financial aid (as determined by their family’s per capita income, or PCI). In considering whether an applicant receives a FA award, the hall also considers the level of contribution the applicant has made to the hall.

Kent Ridge Hall Scholastic Achievement Award (SAA)
This award seeks to reward hall residents who have demonstrated excellent scholastic achievement and at the same time contributed significantly in hall activities (e.g. taking up leadership positions and fulfilling the role with distinction). The SA award is competitive and may not be awarded every semester. In addition, the decision on the SA awardees may only be announced after the release of the Semester 2 examination results of the particular academic year.

To be considered for the awards, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Be a full-time undergraduate and be offered a place in Kent Ridge Hall for the upcoming academic year.
  2. Complete the application form sent from Hall Admin and thereafter submit the hard-copy application form with all the necessary supporting documents by the stipulated deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.
  3. For those who wish to be considered for the FAA award, you must have already applied to the University Office of Financial Aid (OFA)  and submitted the necessary financial documents for verification. Kent Ridgeans who have not applied to OFA prior to submitting an application for the Kent Ridge Hall FA awards will not be considered for the Kent Ridge Hall FA award.

Shortlisted applicants may be required to attend an interview. The Hall Management reserves the right to reject applications that are incomplete or inaccurately completed. The hall has the final decision to award either the FAA or the SAA based on the merit and financial background of the applicant.