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The Academic Plan(s), which can be a Major/Second Major/Minor/Specialisation/Track, has impact on the curricular priority given to students for their course choices during the CourseReg exercise. Hence, it is important for students to verify that their Academic Plan(s) is/are accurately reflected in their record at the Education Records System (myEduRec) every semester.


A. Academic Plan Application for Restricted Second Major/Minor

  • Enrolment into a restricted programme (e.g. Restricted Minor or Second Major) is subjected to approval. In which case, students are required to submit an application to the programme host during a stipulated period (opens every semester) via the Academic Plan Application/Declaration function in EduRec (refer to the user guide)
  • For more information on the application requirements for each restricted programme, please refer to the respective Faculty website listed here 
  • Important Timelines
    Activity Period
    Students submit application via myEduRec Start of reading week to end of 1st week of examinations
    Faculties process applications After examinations and before Course Registration for the next semester starts
    Students check outcome of applications via myEduRec After the previous semester examinations results release and before Course Registration for next semester starts

  • Note: If you have been approved to read a restricted programme, you need to fulfil the requirements specified for the programme to be deemed to have completed the programme successfully. 


B. Academic Plan Declaration (including Unrestricted Second Major/Open Minor)

Most Undergraduate programmes and a limited number of Graduate programmes require its students to declare their Academic Plan before the CourseReg exercise.

To ensure that students are assigned the appropriate curricular priority for their course choices in CourseReg, students are strongly advised to complete their Academic Plan Declaration (if applicable) 24 hours before participating in the CourseReg exercise.

The user guide for the Academic Plan Application/Declaration function in EduRec can be found here.

Students should approach the respective Faculty/School/Department/Institute if they have any queries/clarifications on their Academic Plan(s). 

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