• Our eager team of friendly volunteers manning the feedback stations at NUS Arts Festival 2017

  • The Observatory & NUS Guitar Ensemble closing the NUS Arts Festival in 2017 with Vibrational

  • Arts Out Loud opened NUS Arts Festival 2017 with an evening of fun; showcasing talent both from campus and beyond

  • Critical Conversations was a series of open discussion panels featuring opinion and debate from eminent artists, festival administrators and academics from our region

  • Directed by award-winning theatre director Edith Podesta and performed by NUS Stage, The Golden Record was a devised theatre piece engaging with the golden record NASA’s Voyager 1 brought to space in 1977.

  • Opening NAF 2017, NUS Dance Ensemble celebrated their 25th anniversary with Remember When…, a collaboration with the NUS Departments of Architecture and Geography to consider changes in Singapore’s landscape and psyche.