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  NUS Dance Synergy
  Sun 25 Mar | 8 pm | UCC Hall
  $19 & $16 Book Tickets
The devastating tsunami of March 2011 profoundly changed the lives of millions living in Japan. Yet for others, these images are only momentary flashes in the media, leaving no lasting impression.

In Hereafter, NUS Dance Synergy’s first foray into dance theatre, 7 choreographers under the artistic direction of Resident Choreographer Fan Dong Kai bring audiences through the trauma experienced by the victims in the aftermath of the tsunami. Alternating between mourning for the dead and carrying out damage control, our dancers portray the panic and desperation as survivors attempt to restore what’s left of their beloved country. The appearance of a young girl puts things in a different perspective; her innocence and quiet helplessness as she searches for her father amidst the chaos around her. What ultimately provides the strength to move forward hereafter are the strong sense of community and the power of memories that offer hope.

Hereafter features guest choreographers Dan Kwoh from SMU INDANCITY and Albert Tiong from Frontier Danceland, and alumni choreographers Gillian Goh and Kelvin Koh.

Parts of this performance will use water onstage. Audience members seated in rows D to H may get slightly wet.

About NUS Dance Synergy

Formed in 1978 and under the artistic direction of Fan Dong Kai, NUS Dance Synergy promotes dance as a modern art form that incorporates elements of jazz, modern, lyrical and contemporary dance. The group‘s original works cover a wide range of themes from happiness to social media, taking the vicissitudes of our times in stride through dance.

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