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For Live! : All performances are free admission, held at the UCC Theatre Foyer, 7pm

Nicholas Chim with The Middle of Nowhere

Sat 10 Mar
  Nicholas Chim is a singer-songwriter from Singapore who has been performing with his guitar, since 1999. Having played to regional audiences in countries such as Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia - both solo and with backing musicians - Nicholas’ brand of indie folk music has proven to be heartfelt, contemporary and inspiring all at once.  

Nicholas Chim’s evolutionary journey of indie folk music is expressed in his second album Forgiefan - a record that is both classic and contemporary, highlighted by Chim’s haunting vocals along with guitar chords that are lucid yet dreamy.

With his latest full-length album, Forgiefan, Nicholas Chim has set himself apart as a unique voice in a growing contemporary folk music audience. Citing influences such as Bon Iver, Nick Drake & Ray Lamontagne, his music has proven to be accessible, dynamic and enchanting - traits common to the global pool of emerging independent artists.


  Sun 11 Mar  
Tirumisu (Timothy Koh and Iru Suratman) was formed by chance when there was an opening for a 2 piece act at a local venue. For this performance, Tirumisu will bring you a showcase of songs from their upcoming EP. Songs that are inspired from true life experiences. Stories, lyrics with melodies, specially crafted from the place that all good music comes from: the heart. If you were to listen closely, these songs will relate to you, bringing you back to your teenage years, your first heart break, your first crush… Tirumisu promises to bring you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Thrills and spills included! Strap on! Their EP is planned for release in fall 2012.

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Ivan Ng

  Fri 16 Mar  
A street performer for 4 years, 20-year-old Ivan Ng, “possibly Singapore’s only Appalachian dulcimer exponent” (The Straits Times, Dec 2009) will be sharing with us a variety of traditional Appalachian and Irish folk tunes as well as contemporary dulcimer compositions. Ivan will also share a few of his many interesting encounters throughout his years busking on the streets.

A budding musician on the dulcimer, Ivan has benefitted from guidance by veteran musicians. Building on his unique experiences, Ivan looks forward to learning more about music.

Low Intensity

  Sat 17 Mar  
A duo formed in 2006, Low Intensity comprises Mark Tay (vocals) and Jason Ho (guitarist). Both singer-songwriters, Mark is more crazy about ‘Who played what’ and when it happened, while Jason is more that about “Hey, that’s an awesome song by somebody really really famous.” So what’s the low intensity sound? Mellow lows with an intermitten-tensity. Songs that, they hope speak, directly to your hearts and soul.

The Lost Hat

  Sun 18 Mar  
The gypsy flamenco concept band The Lost Hat was formed in the Clarke Quay tunnel through a collaboration of musicians and artists to experiment new sound and fusion of genres. In that time their music has taken adventurous twists and turns, from confessional blues and jazz-flavor lounge to primal rock and avant garde musical theatre. By turns tender and poignant, strange and twisted, The Lost Hat’s songs have tended to explore the dark shadows of society, chanting the love of universe.

The Lost Hat can play anywhere, on a rooftop, desert or streets with or without a sound system. In this performance, they will play mostly waltz with some tango, blues and jazz.

Zsa + Claire

  Fri 23 March  
An eclectic combination of classic and contemporary to put it nicely, but plainly speaking Zsa + Claire are a delightful toss-up of old songs made new. Still on the quest for a decent band name, the violin and guitar wielding duo break and remake songs that are usually best left alone, just for the heck of it.

They're folk but not quite, pop but scarier, and honest always. Delivered with simple intensity, their music is intimate and quirkily authentic. They're an intense show short of a fistfight and highly entertaining both onstage and off.

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  Sat 24 Mar  
PennyLane is a group of hopeful romantics with beat-up guitars and broken sticks whose journey began in mid 2004. They are rooted in a shared calling of artistic devotion and mutual desire, so as to bring the music they loved to the uninitiated.

Theirs is a meeting place of infectious, solid sounds with strong foundations in old school genres, intertwined with elements of popular music, coupled with hints of self deprecating comedic banter and matching wrist bands.

Throughout the ride, PennyLane has been having a blast entertaining audiences around and beyond the island with their own little brand of rock and roll and deepening their love affair with music at the same time.

In the past year, the band has played at venues such as Timbre, Beer Market and J bar. They perform regularly at Barossa Bar at Holland Village, and The Hood Bar.

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Andrew Putra

  Sun 25 Mar  
Deeply passionate about music and the performing arts, Andrew has been a prominent member of many choirs, bands and acapella groups as well as theatre groups and dance crews since 1992.

Most notably, he was the vocalist & bassist for the band Sixology who topped the Stardust 2008 competition. He also won the Yamaha Asian Beat 2008 (Singapore), and went on to represent Singapore at the Grand Final of Yamaha Asian Beat in Hongkong.

Besides composing original music, Andrew also arranges songs for choir and vocal groups. His song, We Keep On Running, was the first to be recorded as the theme song for the independent film The Forgotten, produced by NUS Eussoff Hall Film Productions.