NUS Lifelong Email Account


With effect from 31 December 2020, AlumMAIL ( will be discontinued and you will no longer have access to your contacts and emails in AlumMAIL.

Please do the necessary to export/save your contacts and emails from this account.

The University will still be offering a complimentary NUS Alumni Lifelong Email ( with 50GB of email cloud storage. You will also enjoy other benefits for alumni by applying for an NUS Lifelong Email. Please apply here.

Below are some helpful information:

NUS Alumni Lifelong Email was introduced in 2013, which allows students to keep their student email for life after graduation. This means that all NUS alumni who graduated in July 2013 or after can continue to use their student email, which comes with 50GB of email cloud storage.

NUS alumni who graduated before July 2013 can apply for an NUS Alumni Lifelong Email at

NUS Alumni Lifelong Email allows you to send email attachments of up to 25MB and comes with 50GB of email cloud storage.

In addition, you will require your NUS Alumni Lifelong Email to:

  • Update your particulars and subscription preferences
  • Log in to AlumAPP
  • Book facilities
  • Access NUS Libraries' e-resources
  • and more features to come.

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