Integrated Research Information Management Suite (iRIMS)

The Integrated Research Information Management Suite, or iRIMS, allows researchers and administrators to better manage their roles in the end-to-end research grant life cycle, from proposal preparation to award and finally project close-out.

iRIMS consists of four modules, iRIMS-InfoReady, iRIMS-Sponsored Projects, iRIMS-Fund Manager and iRIMS-IRB.

Researchers can view all active funding opportunities via the iRIMS-InfoReady grant call portal and also choose to submit applications to opportunities they are interested in.

At the core of the system are iRIMS-Sponsored Projects and iRIMS-Fund Manager modules which support pre- and post-award processes. The collaboration platform facilitates communications between principal investigators and administrator and is the central repository for all relevant parties to access information for better project monitoring and management.

Complementing the core modules is iRIMS-IRB where staff and student researchers can apply for and monitor ethic reviews managed by the NUS Institutional Review Board. Interfaced with iRIMS-Sponsored Projects, principal investigators can link existing protocols or applications for ethics review to their research projects.

iRIMS will deliver greater efficiency and promote greater collaboration through the automation of manual paper-based processes.

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