IRB Alerts

The NUS-IRB publishes IRB Alerts from time to time to notify researchers of changes in policies and international research news. 
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Please note that all IRB Alerts are only accessible via NUS network for NUS staff and students. If you are off-campus, please connect to VPN first before accessing the files.
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News Alert 39:Revisions to the HBR PIS&CF Template, Revised Guide on Taking HBRA Appropriate Consent, Reminder on E-Declaration Requirements
26 September 2023
News Alert 38:
NUS-IRB Guidelines on Reimbursements Given to Research Subjects and Revised DERC Reporting Template
19 May 2023
News Alert 37:Revised NUS-IRB Guidelines on Review of Student and Faculty Research by the DERCs wef 1 Nov 2022, Research Studies involving Data from China to be reviewed by NUS-IRB, Revised iRIMS-IRB Application Form Guide.31 October 2022
News Alert 36:Launch of the iRIMS-IRB Application Form Guide and Revised NUS-IRB Guidelines on Ethics Review of Faculty Research by the Departmental Ethics Review Committee (DERC)23 May 2022
News Alert 35:Revised Guidelines on Offering of Course Credits as Reimbursement to Students Participating in Research
8 November 2021
News Alert 34: Revised Guide on Taking HBRA Appropriate Consent11 June 2021
News Alert 33: Guide on Taking HBRA Appropriate Consent3 May 2021
News Alert 32: 

Revisions to NUS-IRB E-Declaration Guidelines and NUS Tissue Oversight Committee (TOC) Tissue Register

1 March 2021
News Alert 31: 

iRIMS-IRB’s e-form for Social, Behavioural and Educational Research (SBER) Exemption Applications has been amended, Submission of Protocol Amendments via iRIMS-IRB from 1 Dec 2020

5 November 2020
News Alert 30: 

NUS-IRB’s Amended Exemption Categories for Social, Behavioural and Educational Research

25 August 2020
News Alert 29:Launch of iRIMS-Institutional Review Board (iRIMS-IRB) on 1 June 20201 June 2020 
News Alert 28:Introducing Guidelines on Offering of Course Credits as Reimbursement to Subjects Participating in Research27 April 2020 
News Alert 27:Introducing the IRB001 e-Module: New LumiNUS Training Module for NUS Researchers
 • Step by Step Guide to Self-Enrol for e-Module
9 March 2020
News Alert 26:
Computerization of IRB Processes25 November 2019
News Alert 25:
Requirements for Consent Takers for Human Biomedical Research (HBR) Studies, Reminder to Submit Study Status Reports upon Completion of Research Studies, Retention of Research Records
14 October 2019
News Alert 24:
Faculty Research Can be Reviewed by DERC, New Forms and Guidelines on Serious Adverse Events, Non-Compliance/Deviation and (Un)Expected Events, Extension of CITI Certificate Expiration Period from 3 to 5 Years, Updates on NUS-IRB Requirements for Study Classification
7 June 2019
News Alert 23:
End of Transitional Period for HBR framework, Revised IRB Application Form and Guidelines for HBR, Implementation of Validity Period for IRB-approved Studies from 1 Nov 2018
2 November 2018
News Alert 22:
Minor Revision to SBER Guidelines for IRB Exemption Form and NUS-IRB Review Timelines for New Applications and Protocol Amendments
28 August 2017
News Alert 21:
Revised Guidelines on E-Declaration Guidelines and Form (for Commercial Cell Lines and Biological Materials), and International Research News
1 February 2017
News Alert 20:
NUS-IRB's Revised Forms and Guidelines for Social Behavioural and Educational Research and Amendments to Ethics Review of Student Research
16 December 2016
News Alert 19:
Revised Guidelines on "Ethics Review of Student Research Involving Human Subjects"
16 June 2016
News Alert 18:
New Guidelines on "Changes to Review Categories"
2 June 2016
News Alert 17:
Closure of NUS-IRB Office from 15 - 19 February 2016
29 January 2016
News Alert 16:
Renewal of Cooperative Agreement with NHG DSRB
14 January 2016
News Alert 15:
Closure of NUS-IRB Office from 6 - 10 July 2015
16 June 2015
News Alert 14:
Update on the Collaborative Institutional Training Program (CITI) in NUS
20 June 2014
News Alert 13:
NUS-Institutional Review Board's New Website
9 October 2013
News Alert 12:
Use of Lucky Draws for Research Recruitment
4 July 2013
News Alert 11:
Research Using Cadaveric Tissue
13 May 2013
News Alert 10:
NUS-IRB's Research Ethics Consultation Services
12 July 2011
News Alert 9:
Reciprocity Agreements with DSRB and CIRB
11 March 2011
News Alert 8:
International Research News
8 October 2010
News Alert 7:
International Research News
5 May 2010
News Alert 6:
International Research News
9 April 2010
News Alert 5:
Implementation of Mandatory CITI Training for Biomedical Researchers
30 December 2009
News Alert 4:
Use of Deception in Research
20 August 2009
News Alert 3:
Implementation of e-Declaration for commercial cell lines
2 Jun 2009
News Alert 2:International Research News
10 March 2009
News Alert 1: International Research News 8 August 2008