Character References

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The character reference submission is mandatory for all undergraduates who are applying to stay in LightHouse in the new academic year.

LightHouse’s character reference provides a platform for Referees to share the personal qualities and values of an Applicant.

If you are interested to apply for LightHouse, please invite your Character Referee(s) to submit their reference via the relevant link below. This Character Reference is required in support of your Housing Application on UHMS.

New Applicant

For Freshmen/ New Senior Students/ Have not resided in LightHouse:
2 character references required*
*Character Referee cannot be your peer (same age/ cohort) or family member
*Character Referee should know the Applicant for at least 2 years

For Freshmen/ New Senior Students: CLICK HERE

Current LightHouse Residents

LightHouse values the community spirit among our residents and hopes that residents had the opportunity to make meaningful connections with their peers, regardless of the duration they have spent in LightHouse. Befitting the idea of having a stress-free and non-competitive method in determining the eligibility criteria of Returning Seniors (i.e., current LightHouse residents who intend to stay on for the next AY), we conceived a method where this evidence of connectedness among residents could be showcased. 

By having 3 to 5 fellow LightHouse residents serving as your Character Referees, they would be able to vouch for the authentic connections that you have made during your stay here, and vice-versa. These Character References would paint a broader picture on how the LightHouse model suits you, your motivations to stay on and your willingness to connect with your peers.

During your first application into LightHouse, we sought external Character References as we wanted to get to know you better. Now that you had the chance to stay in LightHouse, we wanted to hear about your growth and experiences within LightHouse, and hence your fellow LightHouse peers would be excellent Character Referees for that matter.

For Current LightHouse Residents:  
3 to 5 character references required^
^Character Referee will be your fellow residents within LightHouse

For Current LightHouse ResidentsCLICK HERE(Available only in next AY)