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Soirée 2012

  NUS Harmonica Orchestra  
  Fri 16 Mar | 8 pm | UCC Hall
  $19 &$16 Book Tickets

Take in the obsession of the East with the West through an interpretation of Puccini’s tragic opera Madame Butterfly, arranged for Singapore’s only harmonica orchestra, performing with featured soloists such as Mr Yasuo Watani and a humming choir.

Madame Butterfly tells of the forbidden love between Butterfly, a Japanese geisha and Lieutenant Pinkerton, an American soldier: an obsessive love that breached social and cultural boundaries. Yet in today’s ever shifting multicultural Asian populations, ethnicity, for more and more of its denizens, has become a cultural mosaic of East meets West. How then should we look at our traditions and heritage now and in the future? Will the story of Madame Butterfly continue to be tragic or ironic?

On the lighter side, NUS Harmonica Orchestra will also perform Strauss’ Voices of Spring and Bernstein’s West Side Story.


About NUS Harmonica Orchestra

Formed in 1981, the orchestra performs on a diverse variety of harmonicas, ranging from the better-known chromatic harmonicas to bass and polyphonic harmonicas. In addition, the piano, guitar, flute, cello and percussion instruments feature prominently in its performances. Besides conducting courses and concerts to promote the art to young students, the orchestra has also performed in countries like China, Germany and Thailand.

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