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The Hungry Stones

  Raka Maitra with NUS Indian Dance  
  Fri 9 & Sat 10 Mar | 8pm | UCC Dance Studio
  $13 Book Tickets
They say the walls have eyes; if this is so, then they have eyes and ears too…they see us, they hear us. Over the millennia, as cities rise and fall, the walls that crumble and become piles of stone remember our yearnings. They remember our touches and fleeting glances. They hear our quickened breaths, and feel the beat of our hearts and the pulse of our blood. As our ancient cities, littered with the dust of civilizations, rise and fall in turn, do the stones from walls still whisper the secrets of their forgotten inhabitants?

Inspired by a short story written by Rabindranath Tagore about a man who encounters a ruined palace which was once a harem, The Hungry Stones weaves dance, music and installation to explore themes of isolation and confinement, as the role of women slowly evolves within traditional Asian society while globalization hurtles its women into a westernized, post-feminist world.

The Hungry Stones was first presented at the Esplanade Theatre Studio as part of The Esplanade’s Raga series in May 2011, and further developed for NUS Arts Festival 2012.

About The Artist

A well known Indian contemporary dance artist in Singapore and around the Asia Pacific region, choreographer Raka Maitra is currently Associate Artist with The Substation. A rising star in charting contemporary Indian dance in Singapore, she is a dancer who denies classifications of classical or contemporary, daringly exploring Asian culture through her language of contemporary Indian dance; the creation of movements inspired from martial arts and stylized dance forms. A disciple of Odissi dancer Madhavi Mudgal, Raka Maitra’s training also includes intensive studies in Serraikella Chhau under Guru Sashadhar Acharya. Raka has stepped outside safe boundaries in critically acclaimed works like Boundaries, Dreams and Beyond (2008), In Mira (2008) and Circular Ruins (2009). The Hungry Stones was first presented at the Esplanade Theatre Studio in May 2011, as part of The Esplanade’s Raga series, and further developed for the NUS Arts Festival 2012.

About NUS Indian Dance

Formed in 1977, NUS Indian Dance is guided by Resident Choreographer and Cultural Medallion recipient Mrs Santha Bhaskar. The group held two stagings of a two-year work-in-progress that went on to open NUS Arts Festival 2011 as Anweshana III - The Search for Nalanda.


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