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Face to Face II : 13 x 8

  Basu Mallick Koustav & Zulfikar Ali  
  Mentorship programme with T.H.E Dance Company
  Fri 23 & Sat 24 Mar | 8 pm | UCC Dance Studio
  $13 Book Tickets

13 weeks | 8 hours per week | 2 choreographies. Under the mentorship of Yarra Ileto and Lee Mun Wai from T.H.E Dance Company, Koustav and Ali spent an intensive 13-week period to create a work-in-progress showcase at CONTACT 2011 - Open Stage in December 2011. Their soul-searching journey continues with another 13 weeks, as they present their full-length works at this festival.

In this CFA dancers-turned-choreographers double bill, Koustav’s and Ali’s works ruminate upon the links between individual and society.

Most recently, Koustav was invited by Singapore Dance Theatre to present a work at Passages 2011 while Ali participated in Sprouts 2011.

Face to Face II: 13 x 8 is a professional-student mentorship programme, an initiative by NUS Centre For the Arts & T.H.E Dance Company which takes budding choreographers through a composition journey, emphasizing the process of creation



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