Issue 123 | Oct-Dec 2020

A Heart for Learning

Find out how cardiologist Dr Natalie Koh (Medicine ’09) is benefitting from an Executive MBA education.

Dr Natalie Koh

On the decision to sign up for the NUS Executive MBA programme…

Besides being a cardiologist, I am also a medical advisor to WhiteCoat, one of the first telemedicine providers to work within the Ministry of Health Regulatory Sandbox back in 2018. Since then, we have seen dramatic changes in the healthcare landscape due to COVID-19. I believe an Executive MBA will equip me with the tools to create sustainable healthcare solutions in a post-pandemic, digitally-integrated world. 

On applying the new knowledge to her work…

While we have only been through the first segment, we have covered Marketing Strategy, Microeconomics, and Leadership, and I have loved learning about them all. Coming from a healthcare background, the new knowledge and diversity of thought have really lent a multifaceted lens to my practice, which involves the intersection of healthcare, technology, and business. 

On learning from classmates who work in different industries…

Interacting with many talented people across industries gives me fresh perspectives on how the world runs, how problems can be solved, and even potential creative collaborations. Each of us has our unique experiences and a lot to bring to the table. I am sure the relationships we’re forging will endure long after we have graduated. 

On the importance of lifelong learning…

Lifelong learning is as essential as breathing, if one wants to continue to grow and stay relevant in a fast-evolving world. Whether learning happens in a formal setting, or simply through conversations, reading, or attending a course, we should seek to continue to refine our knowledge. This will allow us to ask the right questions, think of sustainable solutions, and voice our thoughts, especially when it counts towards making constructive changes in tackling real problems that we witness every day. 
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