Dentistry Class of 2011's 11th Year Reunion

Due to COVID-19 and Safe Management Measures in 2021, what was supposed to be a tenth year reunion was delayed by a year for Dentistry’s Class of 2011. Regardless, an 11th year reunion, held on 11.11 was still a significant milestone for the class, as they had not caught up one another since graduation. Set at The Villa located in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Class spent the night reminiscing the good old times over videos which captured their undergraduate life at the Faculty of Dentistry. The Class caught up with each other over food and drinks and indulged in merrymaking through table games planned by the organising committee.

Amidst the busyness of our lives, 80% of the class managed to carve out time to attend this event, which took months of planning and preparation. The healthy turnout was testament that many from the Class still held dear the moments spent, experiences shared and friendships built in their undergraduate years. The Class is grateful to the enthusiastic organisers – Dr Wong Kuan Yee (Dentistry ’11), Dr Lim Wen Yi (Dentistry ’11), Dr Adrian Shi (Dentistry ’11) and Dr Chan Boon Hui (Dentistry ’11). The Class would also like to thank the Office of Alumni Relations for their support in providing the door gifts and seed funding for the event. Special thanks also to the Faculty of Dentistry’s Alumni Relations team, including Dr Betty Mok (Dentistry ’81), Ms Ow Yong Oi (Business ’83) and Ms Tiffany How for making the connections between OAR and our organizing committee. Till the next time at the 20th year reunion!

Submitted by Dr Wilson Lu (Dentistry ’11).


The NUS Piano Ensemble Alumni (NUSPEA) presented a sold-out two-piano concert on 2 November 2022 at the Esplanade Recital Studio. The event, supported by NUS Office of Alumni Relations, signified the group’s Esplanade debut and their return to live music-making post-pandemic. An entourage of twenty-five pianists and alumni put up riveting and complex works, including Ravel’s La Valse, Smetana’s Sonata for Two Pianos, and Poulenc’s Capriccio for Two Pianos – thrusting NUSPEA into the spotlight as an alumni group of serious musicians to follow.

Submitted by Mr Mark Cheng (Law ’16).

Temasek Hall TGreen Kayak Clean-up

On 22 October 2022, nine alumni and 37 current Temasek Hall members participated in a kayak clean-up event at Jurong Lake Gardens, hosted by Passion Wave. The event was organised by Temasek Green, a committee in Temasek Hall which focuses on raising awareness and culminating efforts to preserve the environment. In order to share light on the littering situation in one of Singapore's pristine water bodies, and to better equip the students and alumni community on what sort of litter should be picked up, a pre-event zoom briefing was conducted by the organising committee, as well as an event day briefing by faciliators from Passion Wave.

Alumni expressed that they were surprised at the amount of litter in the lake, even with constant efforts from the members of the public and professional cleaners to clean it regularly. The group were divided in pairs, quickly filling up a bucket full of litter by the end of the event. To conclude, the students and the alumni community not only had great fun, but also shared a memorable learning experience.

Submitted by Ms Ng Mu Rong (Arts and Social Sciences ’18).

$641,000 Raised for New NUSS Bursary

A newly endowed bursary, named the NUSS Bursary, has been established at National University of Singapore (NUS) with an initial funding of $641,000. This amount was raised through the NUSS Charity Golf 2022, organised by NUS Society (NUSS) on 1 September 2022, with a matching contribution of $100,000 from the Tote Board – the highest amount raised at NUSS’ charity golf events. The golf flights were played at the Tanah Merah Country Club and ended with a dinner held at NUSS’ Kent Ridge Guild House. The Guest of Honour for the dinner was NUS President, Professor Tan Eng Chye (Science ’85). During the dinner, a cheque for the amount raised was presented to Prof Tan by NUSS President, Mr Edward Tay (Law ‘92).

The establishment of the NUSS Bursary is another fundraising initiative, aimed at supporting the NUS Alumni Bursary Fund (ABF) Campaign. The ABF campaign, led by NUS alumni, was launched in 2013, with an annual gift pledge of up to $250,000 by NUSS. The campaign aims to cultivate the spirit of giving among NUS alumni and friends, and provide financial assistance to NUS’ needy students. To date, NUSS has donated $2.25 million in fulfilment of this pledge. With the collective efforts and strong support of the NUS alumni community, the ABF campaign has raised in excess of $25 million since its inception.

The NUSS Bursary, like the previously established NUSS Golf Section Bursary, as well as all the other named bursaries established under the ABF campaign, is an endowed bursary. The capital on these bursaries will not be drawn upon. Instead, bursaries will be awarded from investment income generated by the amounts contributed and matching contributions from the government. Every $25,000 donated to NUS, will enable the University to award perpetual bursaries of around $2,500 per year.

An additional amount of $40,000 was raised from the NUSS Charity Golf this year, which will go towards supporting two of the NUSS adopted charities, namely, Children’s Wishing Well and Dover Park Hospice. Each of these organisations will receive $20,000 in donation – reflecting NUSS' resolve to ensure the accessibility of education to all students, and also champion comfort care, a cause close to the NUSS' community's hearts. NUSS President Mr Edward Tay, also shared, “NUS has shown its commitment to meritocracy and equality of opportunity through the financial support schemes it has recently announced. NUSS is honoured to be able to support this initiative with its pledge and annual fundraising efforts”.

Submitted by Ms Teo Kuan Yee (Arts and Social Sciences ’94).

Networking Lunch at Qingdao Enma Villa

On 21 August, a group of NUS Alumni in Qingdao gathered for a networking lunch hosted by Mr Ma Hao (Business '18) at Enma Villa in Qingdao. Kudos to Mr Ma, who is the Chairman of the Shandong Enma Group and Founder of Qingdao Enma Boai Charity Foundation, for hosting the networking lunch at his clubhouse. Attendees first went through a round of self-introduction and networking, before enjoying a sumptuous lunch prepared by the chefs from the clubhouse. The networking lunch involved Mr Wang Chun (Business '16), Liu Zong Guo (Public Policy '15), Yang Zhuan Yi (Public Policy '12), Ms Li Wei (Business '19), Ms Zhang Yan (Business '04) , Mr Qin Lu Tao (Business '07), Mr David Lye (Business '95) and Ms Wang Yu from the Bank of Qingdao.

Submitted by Mr David Lye (Business ’95)

A Time for Celebration!

Since 2020, NUS Alumni Sing-Along (ASA) has celebrated National Day online over Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Alone in their homes or with a few invited friends, members sang along with the song leader while muted on zoom.

On Monday, August 15th this year, ASA members all decked out in red and white were able to celebrate National Day on-site at Shaw Foundation Alumni House. Guest speaker for the day, Mr. Desmond Moey (Engineering ’84), more commonly known as Dezz, Managing Director of Serendip Showbiz Pte Ltd and Board Member of Musical Theatre Ltd, an Arts Charity with IP status; kicked off the celebration with a talk on Why Write Songs?.  As a songwriter, show producer and vocal coach, Dezz highlighted different reasons why people write songs – for entertainment or to express one’s feelings, values and beliefs. In addition, he highlighted how songs could be structured, and how with different series of notes, chord patterns or musical phrases, songs could grab the listener’s attention. For example, the “hook” – a repetitive musical phrase which captures our attention – was often said to be what makes a song popular. Needless to say, Dezz was also able to “hook” the attention of the audience, leaving them hungry for knowledge on music creation.

Following the talk, ASA members led the sing-along by belting out local national favourites such as “Home”, “Count on Me Singapore”, “Stand Up for Singapore”, “Bunga Sayang”, “Voices of the Heart (小人物的心声)” and many more. The ASA Ukulele Group and members also gave their renditions of the evergreens and pop songs like “My Way”, “The Young Ones” and “Una Paloma Blanca”, while the audience sang their hearts out to these upbeat tunes.

For the first time since the pandemic, refreshments were also served on-site. What would a birthday celebration be without a birthday cake? To the delight of everyone present, Mrs Jenny Gan-Kwa Siew Eng (Arts and Social Sciences ’96) wheeled in the birthday cake to celebrate the occasion. The celebration rounded off with everyone getting on their feet doing a line dance to the song “Y.M.C.A.”

ASA’s next sing along session will be the “Christmas Celebration Concert” in December, and they look forward to welcoming members to join them in closing 2022.

Submitted by Ms Joanna Loo (Science ’71)
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