The Golden Record

NUS Stage directed by Edith Podesta

Fri 17 Mar | 8pm | Sat 18 Mar | 3pm & 8pm

UCC Dance Studio | $19


“A billion years from now, when everything on Earth we've ever made has crumbled into dust, the Voyager record will still speak for us.” Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan

When the Voyager 1 spacecraft left the earth's atmosphere in 1977, it carried with it a golden phonograph record to be played by extraterrestrial beings. Less than nine months before launch, scientist Carl Sagan was asked by NASA to ‘create a cultural Noah's Ark with a shelf life of hundreds of millions of years'. By the time this galactic album was cast into the cosmos it included: 116 pictures and diagrams, greetings, samples of the world's great music, as well as the brain waves of a young woman in love.

Directed by award-winning theatre director Edith Podesta and performed by NUS Stage, The Golden Record is a theatrical chronicle marking 40 years of humanity's greatest message into interstellar space.

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