Dear Miss Ye

NUS Chinese Drama

Fri & Sat 17 & 18 Mar | 8pm | UCC Theatre | $27, Students: $19

Advisory 16 (May contain some violence and strong language) | Chinese with English subtitles


Imagine four of your dearest students dropping by to surprise you on your birthday. Imagine the celebration slowly being replaced by threats and acts of coercion as the seemingly well-educated youths unveil their true intentions. Imagine a society where the pragmatic values of youth clash with the moral values of an older generation. This is the world of Dear Miss Ye.

Adapted from the Mandarin version of Dear Elena Sergeevna, a work written by Russian playwright Lyudmila Razumovskaya and translated by Tong Ning, Dear Miss Ye explores the tussle between old- and new-world values in a society that is rapidly changing. The play asks, among other questions, who, or what decides a society's moral standards and on what basis? When different moral or value systems collide, a phenomenon that seems imminent in our increasingly globalised world, how are they to be assessed and judged?

There will be a post-show dialogue on 18 March with the director, cast, and Ms Li Xie (Artistic Director, NUS Chinese Drama).

Photo: Back Alley Creations

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