now then again

NUS Theatre Ensemble. Directed by Tan Shou Chen
Fri 11 Mar 8pm | Sat 12 Mar 3pm & 8pm | UCC Theatre
$29 & $25
Post show dialogue: 12 Mar, 5.15pm, event venue (Ticket-holders only)

Meet Ginny (Munah Bagharib, FLY Entertainment artiste), a perky undergraduate working in a cutting edge quantum physics lab filled with odd balls and fuddy-duddies. She’s a prodigy but would she give everything up to settle down with her childhood sweetheart? Meet Henry (Luke Kwek), a brilliant but socially awkward theoretical physicist who has fallen head over heels for Ginny. He isn’t sure if he should give into destiny or take a quantum leap of faith to chase the girl of his dreams. Like two photons smashing into each other, Henry and Ginny are drawn into a multiverse with infinite possibilities. Will the past determine their future? Or can the future change their past?

The award-winning now then again by Penny Penniston is inspired by a quantum hypothesis: that the future and the past happen simultaneously. Featuring students and alumni of the NUS theatre community in collaboration with Singapore’s exciting new creatives, now then again is a heartwarming romantic comedy of quantum proportions.