Support The Festival

NUS Arts Festival, or NAF as it is affectionately known, is NUS' flagship arts season to showcase our campus talents and their unique partnerships with industry professionals. This annual festival in March also brings the arts to the NUS community and beyond through its varied mix of ticketed and free admission events over a period of two weeks.

Aimed at cultivating a deeper appreciation of the arts amongst students, faculty and staff in the NUS community and beyond, the NUS Arts Festival has, since its inception in 2006, gained a reputation for being a bold youth-driven festival – by youth, with youth and for youth. The festival features creative collaborations between student talents and professional local and international arts practitioners engaging over today’s most pressing issues and informed by inquiry and research.

NAF provides opportunities for organisations to reach out and engage with 50,000 University students and staff, 240,000 University alumni and the wider community. The Festival is also an excellent occasion to invite guests to share a night of cultural enjoyment.

Besides enhancing the success of our Festival, your esteemed support will also greatly contribute to our efforts to bring arts and culture to the University community and beyond. NAF not only presents the best of our student talents and their performances; the exciting line-up of performances year after year continues to thrill and wow audience.

To find out how a relationship with the University’s flagship arts season will benefit the students, the community and your organisation, please contact us at To support NUS Centre For the Arts and our efforts to bring arts and culture to the University, please click here.