University Awards

Young Researcher Award

To realise the ultimate goal of atomic-precision material design and manufacturing, and to enable new impactful processes and nanotechnologies that can solve the bottleneck issues in real-world applications. Assoc Prof LU Jiong
BSc (Fudan University)
Department of Chemistry,
Faculty of Science
College of Humanities and Sciences
Institute for Functional Intelligent Materials
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  • Developed a scalable and versatile two-step annealing method for preparing ultra-high-density single-atom catalysts (SACs) libraries, addressing the long-standing loading density issues in sustainable chemical transformations. The findings paved the way for the widespread application of atomically precise SACs in industrial applications
  • Pioneered a general material platform for the synthesis of highly crystalline two-dimensional superconducting monolayers. This synthetic strategy offers tremendous technological potential for the development of new material properties beyond the reach of existing layered structures for large-area 2D and 3D printed electronics
  • Established the scalable on-surface synthesis of large-sized magnetic triangulene molecule and the direct observation of their edge states, a goal that has eluded chemists for many years
  • Recognised for his work in the special Journal of Materials Chemistry A Emerging Investigators 2019 issue
  • Secured research grants of about $8.2 million as Principal Investigator and about $10 million as Co-Principal Investigator from the Ministry of Education, Agency for Science, Technology and Research and National Research Foundation
  • Discoveries have led to two patent applications filed
  • Published more than 70 peer-reviewed papers in top-tier journals including Nature series journals and Science Advances
  • Two of his recent papers were selected for publication in JACS (Journal of the American Chemical Society) Early Career Investigators 2021 virtual collection and JACS Reader’s Pick 2022
  • Obtained more than 6,100 total citations with a Hirsch index of 38
  • Member of Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy Steering Committee(since 2019)
  • Reviewer for leading journals including Nature and Science series journals
  • Keynote and invited speaker at more than 35 international conferences and symposiums
  • Chair / co-chair of several local and international conferences and symposiums
  • Young Scientist Award, NUS Science (2021)
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