Pan Ling Te Terry

Pan Ling Te Terry


I am passionate about the learning of real-world authentic tasks that are essential in healthcare education. Simulation offers the opportunity to provide a safe environment for the learning of such tasks while application of instructional design principles can help improve this learning process and make the overall learning more applicable.


Dr Terry Pan is an Assoc Prof with the Department of Anaesthesia, National University Health System, Singapore. He obtained his fellowship with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) in 2009 and successfully completed a year of fellowship training in general paediatrics and liver transplant anaesthesia under the NUHS AMDA award at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK in 2012.

Besides clinical anaesthesia, Dr Pan has keen interest in technology-enhanced learning and the role of simulation-based training in health profession education. He has conducted several workshops and successfully developed a simulation-based liver anaesthesia course (SALT) for anaesthetists and anaesthetic assistants involved in liver transplantation. He successfully completed a Masters in Health Profession Education (MHPE) in 2018.  He is currently working on the Next Generation Electronic Medical Record (NGEMR) project and is interested in the continual education and best practices in EMR use.

Being a part of the Academy…

This is a unique and exciting learning opportunity for me.  Through interaction and sharing of teaching and learning experiences among fellows of the teaching academy, I hope to strengthen my understanding and approaches to teaching and thereby, contribute, in some way, to the continual growth of the NUS teaching community. 

Teaching Awards / Accolades

  • NUS YLL School of Medicine Digital Education Award (Team) AY 19/20
  • NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award AY 18/19
  • NUS YLL School of Medicine Educator of the Year Award AY 2018/19
  • NUS YLL School of Medicine Teaching Excellence Award AY 2018/19