Misty So-Sum Wai-Cook

Misty So-Sum Wai-Cook


My mission as a successful scholarly teacher who practices the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is to promote deep learning and higher order thinking by understanding students’ learning process and improving their language and communication literacies, and inspire and motivate students to want to learn by making them see the relevance and value in what they learn, and how the potential transfer of taught skills can contribute to their success in other academic contexts at NUS and as they engage with various stakeholders in the community.

I strongly believe in creating a friendly, supportive, student-centred environment inside and outside the classroom to facilitate students’ learning by scaffolding materials so that input is noticed and comprehensible, providing students opportunities to practice, and engaging students throughout the learning process inside and outside the classroom. In this learning journey, I ensure I reinforce taught skills by providing feedback to help students see the strengths and gaps in their knowledge/skills after each practice, and help students reach their full potential/desired performance.


Misty So-Sum Wai-COOK is Deputy Director and Senior Lecturer at the Centre for English Language Communication, and Resident Fellow/Associate Director of Student Life at the College of Alice & Peter Tan, CAPT). Among the many embedded courses that she has developed, implemented, and taught, she is currently teaching language and communication in a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) module using Psychology (related to 21st-century competencies). She is also a firm believer in teaching the application of language and communication skills in context. For example, she is currently teaching a communications module at CAPT, where students have opportunities to explore various appropriate language and communication strategies to engage and sustain professional relationships with stakeholders as well as people in various communities such as senior citizens, youth, adults, and migrant workers.

 She has also conducted multiple research projects and published papers on academic literacies, tutor and peer feedback in language education, English across the curriculum, and the use of technologies to enhance teaching and learning. She has also recently joined CAPT to be a part of a team that actively creates and supports students in community engagement and active citizenship. She is on the Editorial Board for a number of peer-review journals such as Language and Language Teaching Journals, Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Education, and Asia Pacific Journal of Education.   

Being a part of the Teaching Academy…

As a Fellow of the Teaching Academy, I am very excited at the prospect of sharing my experiences and knowledge in conducting SoTL projects, and engage in an active teaching and learning community to improve the way we teach to better align with the educational landscape at NUS.  More specifically, I hope to take an active role in conducting and sharing research on the best practices in extending student learning from our classroom to community engagements, and develop a framework on student leadership in community engagement.

 Teaching Awards & Recognition

  • Teaching Excellence Honour Roll NUS (five years): 2018/19 – 2022/23.
  • Annual Teaching Excellence Award, NUS: 2016/17.
  • Centre for English Language Communication, NUS: Commendation for Teaching Excellence (EAP Category), 2016/17.
  • Annual Teaching Excellence Award, NUS: 2015/16.
  • Centre for English Language Communication, NUS: Commendation for Teaching Excellence (EAP Category), 2015/16.
  • TESOL Research and Travel Award, 2014 TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo.
  • Annual Teaching Excellence Award, NUS: 2013/14.
  • Centre for English Language Communication, NUS: Commendation for Teaching Excellence (EAP Category), 2013/14.