Marleen Dieleman

Marleen Dieleman


In my teaching I invite my students on a journey together that starts with a range of diverse cases and ends with a deep understanding of relevant patterns and problems. On the way, we question under what conditions these problems will arise, what might drive their emergence as well as what could be viable solutions.

Other than a comprehensive, multi-layered course design and good preparation, I apply humor and storytelling liberally in my courses, thinking of these as my secret teaching ingredients. In my quest to create a rich and memorable student learning experience I like to experiment with gamification and other tools to make learning more immersive and more fun.


Marleen Dieleman is associate professor of strategy at NUS Business School in Singapore. She holds a Ph.D. from Leiden University in The Netherlands. Marleen teaches and researches on corporate strategy and corporate governance, especially in family business groups in Southeast Asia.

 She published widely on these topics, including books, articles in academic journals, book chapters, cases and reports. Her work is featured regularly in international media such as The Economist or The Financial Times. Marleen won multiple awards for her teaching and she is a frequent invited speaker. She has worked with various Asian companies as a consultant, workshop facilitator or board member.

Teaching Awards

  • Ivey Global Best-Selling Teaching Cases Award – 2021 (bKash case, 3rd place)
  • NUS Honour Roll – 2017-2021
  • Ivey Global Best-Selling teaching case – 2017 (IOI Case, 8th place, Oct)
  • Winner of AESE case competition – 2016 (case: 7-Eleven Indonesia)
  • NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award – 2016
  • NUS Business School Outstanding Educator Award – 2015
  • NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award – 2015
  • NUS Business School Outstanding Educator Award – 2014
  • NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award – 2014
  • NUS Business School Outstanding Educator Award – 2013