Liu Qizhang

Liu Qizhang


The technology-fuelled business world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Nurturing the next generation managers and leaders for the nation is becoming more and more challenging. It is not just about adopting technology to facilitate teaching and learning, but also about incorporating technology as part of business curriculum. Integrating technology in all aspects of business education and getting our students job ready and future ready is what makes teaching a fascinating journey to me.


Dr Liu Qizhang is Associate Professor at the Department of Analytics and Operations, Business School. He chairs the Faculty Teaching Excellence Committee of the school and is member of Biz Teaching Excellence Council and MSBA Academic Committee. Dr Liu has been teaching analytics related courses since joining NUS in 2011. Currently, he oversees the development of Business Analytics Specialisation in Business School.

Dr Liu is a big fan of educational technology. He is among the pioneers in adopting blended learning methodology and incorporating EdX modules in his teaching. The online class participation management system that he developed has been used by 20+ faculty and benefited 4000+ students over the last 4 years. As an education consultant, he helped to design and develop an online differentiated learning platform, which is used by thousands of students in Singapore Polytechnic.

Dr Liu’s research interest is in big data and analytics. Besides teaching, he has been an active practitioner in IT industry. He has supervised, designed, and developed multiple enterprise level management systems for large enterprises like SMRT, SIAEC, MinDEF, etc.

About being a part of the Academy…

It is an honour to join the academy and work with a group of excellent educators who share the same enthusiasm in teaching. Traditional university is facing an increasing competition from online teaching platforms like Coursera and EdX, just like banks are challenged by technology giants. There is a pressing need of digital transformation of universities to embrace technology to make education more agile and more flexible. I wish to explore the opportunities in this area with colleagues to make NUS a better education institute.

Teaching Awards

  • NUS Teaching Excellence Award 2018/2019
  • NUS Teaching Excellence Award 2017/2018
  • NUS Teaching Excellence Award 2016/2017
  • Member of ATEA Honour Roll
  • NUS Business School Outstanding Educator Award 2018/2019
  • NUS Business School Teaching Excellence Award 2017/2018
  • NUS Business School Teaching Excellence Award 2016/2017
  • NUS Business School Teaching Excellence Award 2015/2016
  • NUS Business School Outstanding Educator Award 2014/2015