Kenneth Ban Hon Kim

Kenneth Ban Hon Kim


“My greatest joy in teaching is to able to see students grow as learners, not because they find learning easy, but because they are able to wrestle with new knowledge, form connections, and build their own model of understanding. It is my hope that when students are imbued with this love for learning, they will be empowered to learn throughout their lives towards achieving their goals through self-mastery.”


Kenneth obtained his BSc (Hons) and MBBS degrees from NUS and a PhD in Cancer Biology from Stanford University, He completed his postdoctoral training in mouse cancer genetics at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) Singapore prior to joining the Department of Biochemistry at NUS.

He has been a medical educator since joining NUS and serves as the Phase I Director at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, helping to develop and support initiatives to build students’ understanding of how basic science concepts can linked to clinical applications through interactive teaching methodologies and technology-enhanced learning platforms. He currently also leads the development of a longitudinal Health Informatics track that aims to build foundational competencies in data science for our medical students, empowering them to be innovators who are able to use data-driven approaches to derive new insights for improving healthcare outcomes.

About being a part of the Academy…

I am deeply humbled by the opportunity to be part of a community of educators committed to teaching excellence, built on a spirit of sharing and openness to new ideas.