Minimum Viable Product Studio

The MVP Studio by NUS Industry Liaison Office was established to create commercially-focused prototypes of NUS technologies.

Our prototypes are built by teams of apprentices under the guidance of Master Engineers, who are highly experienced engineers with years of industry experience. Following MVP Studio methodology, much thought is put into designing these prototypes and building them efficiently and quickly. This enables us to demonstrate the use of NUS technologies in specific applications. The Master Engineers and apprentices apply their varied skills, creativity and know-how to the prototypes so that our researchers and start-ups can more effectively seek feedback from the market and iterate their products quickly.

The MVP Studio is an easy-to-access meet-up point where start-ups, SMEs and MNCs can visit to find out how their businesses can benefit from NUS technologies. Coupled with NUS’s diverse reach in the entrepreneurial community as well as collaborations with government agencies such as BCA and EnterpriseSG, we are able to connect researchers and technologies to industry partners.

Tough Love Programme supported by EnterpriseSG

ToughLove is an apprenticeship-based programme to help deep tech hardware startups go-to-market faster.  Startup teams, mentored by Master Engineers from the MVP Studio and external C-level industry experts, learn about the intricacies of product development and agile engineering to rapidly build their technology prototypes and find the right market for their solutions.  The teams are plugged into NUS's large and lively entrepreneurial as well as research communities to play a key role in bringing technologies to market.

A Few of our MVPs

POF Sensor (Demo MVP)

POF Sensor
The Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) Sensor is a highly versatile and compact optical sensor. It is able to accurately measure strain and can be easily adapted to measure bending, pulling/elongation and cracks/separation. A working demo unit is available for viewing at the MVP Studio.

Cool Fan (BCA MVP)

Cool Fan
Cool Fan is a BCA supported project. It uses a superabsorbent hydrogel to absorb moisture from the air. Cool Fan is able to reduce the relative humidity in a room by 8-10%.

Biochar Filter (BCA MVP)

Biochar Filter
The Biochar Filter is a BCA supported project. The filter was developed using wood waste. The Filter is able to reduce the PM2.5 in a room by up to 60%.

TENG Glove (GRIP/ToughLove MVP)

TENG Glove_r 
The Tribo-Electric Nano Generator (TENG) Glove was developed by a GRIP team. The sensors in the glove can be used for many applications such as drone control, gesture detection and so on.

Coming Soon: Link to all our MVPs