Yasmine Gatt

Academic Qualifications

M.Sc in Marine Biology, University of Groningen

B.Sc. (Hons) in Biology, University of Malta

Research areas

Conservation biology; marine restoration; seagrass restoration; mangrove restoration; multispecies facilitation

Research interests

Yasmine’s interdisciplinary research focuses on marine restoration and the importance it has on the local community. She is keen on focusing how multispecies facilitation between ecosystems can drive restoration forward and how it can be used to mitigate climate change. Restoration itself is a long-term process that can take years to perfect and she hopes to contribute to this field.


Yasmine is an up-and-coming marine scientist. Her research interest includes conservation biology and marine restoration. She was introduced to the field of restoration through her master’s degree. During her first year she was involved in a large-scale project on seagrass restoration in the Dutch Wadden Sea where she worked with both the local community and nature managers. In her second year she conducted her second research project in conjunction with the University of Cambridge. She conducted a literature review on mangrove restoration where she worked in close collaboration with ‘WWF’ and the Global Mangrove Alliance. After obtaining her master’s degree she continued to work on her mangrove restoration project. The project now involves over 30 participants from different geographies and background. She hopes to merge her previous work with her current to see how marine restoration can help mitigate climate change.

 Conference and presentations

  1. Gatt, Y.M; Worthington, T.; Spalding, M.; Andradi Brown D.; Ahmadi G.; Martin, P. & Shackelford, G. (2020) A Taxonomy of Key Indicators for Mangrove Restoration. Oral presentation at the 6th International Marine Conservation Congress, online, 24th August, 2020.