Wong Lynn-Wei
Wong Lynn-Wei v2

Lynn-Wei Wong

Academic Qualifications

BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Finance, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

BSc in Biology with a concentration in Marine Science, University of Victoria, Canada

Research areas

Blue carbon; blue growth; integrated multi trophic (restorative) aquaculture

Research interests

Lynn's interests lie in analysing the potential, barriers, and socio-economic limitations of understudied coastal and marine ecosystems to support and develop expertise in the emerging field of blue carbon science. She hopes to further explore how evidence-based science can be applied and implemented for Blue Growth, with potential synergistic benefits for both the environment and the aquaculture industry.


Lynn’s interest in studying the complex dynamics of marine ecosystem services stems from previous research, which spanned the adoption of an ecosystem approach for deep-sea mining, to investigating the state of blue economy development for Singapore. Most recently, she worked for the Natural Capital Singapore project, where she was involved in quantifying ecosystem services for the coastal and marine environment.

Selected publications

  1. Friess, D.A., Yando, E.S., Wong, LW. and Bhatia, N. 2020. Indicators of scientific value as an under-recognised ecosystem service of coastal and marine habitats. Ecological Indicators 113, p.106255.
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