Shivani Ekkanath 

Academic Qualifications

B.A. Social Sciences (International Relations), Sciences Po Paris  

B.A. Political Science, University of California, Berkeley  

Research areas

International Climate Diplomacy, Environmental Racism & Justice, Climate Refugees, Sustainable food systems, Environmental Public Policy 

Research interests

Shivani is very interested in exploring environmentalism and the climate crisis, particularly through the lens of foreign policy. She hopes to understand how international climate agreements can be strengthened as well as how stakeholder groups can make more holistic, evidence-based and informed diplomatic decisions. She wholeheartedly believes that environmental issues are rooted in colonial systems of power and domination and is committed to undoing them.  


Shivani is a full-time research assistant at the NUS Centre for Nature-Based Solutions. As a recent graduate at her first full-time job, she is very excited to work at the Centre and contribute to nature-based climate research! She worked in Washington DC for almost a year, pursuing internships with Washington DC-public policy and lobbying firm, Forbes Tate Partners and think tank, the Cato Institute. Shivani got the opportunity to plan and contribute to various congressional events during her time in Washington DC.  

During her undergraduate career, she was a research assistant at the UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy Risk Resilience Research lab, a healthcare fellow at the UC Berkeley undergraduate Fung Fellowship, and a research apprentice for the UC Berkeley Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP).  

Shivani is excited to pursue graduate study in the field of public policy and work in the research and policy space. In her free time, Shivani enjoys trying new sports, listening to music and podcasts, writing, and talking about all things politics! 

Selected publications

  1. Singer, J. (2022). Prescribing Psychologists Can Help Solve the National Mental Health Crisis. The Cato Institute Policy Brief (yet to be published)
  2. Ekkanath, S. (2020). Understanding Currents and Theories in Indian and African Postcolonial Literature: Themes, Tropes and Discourse in the Wider Context of Postcolonialism. Interlitteraria, 25(2), 379-393, December 2020  
  3. Ekkanath, S. “Commentary: Corona Dispatches: The Policy Corner Community Dispatches”, The Policy Corner, Paris, December 2020 

Feature and publications in popular media

  1. Ekkanath, Shivani in Episode 79: “Auto bytes: Dr. Sandra Colton Medici + Guest Shivani Ekkanath.” Sweet Bytes with Sandy, May 2022  
  2. Ekkanath, Shivani in "Writing About Gender Equality Requires Bravery." Science Po Paris's Programme de Recherche et d'enseignement des savoirs sur le genre, February 2021 

 Conference and presentations

  1. Ekkanath, Shivani, (2019). Understanding Currents and Theories in Indian and African Postcolonial Literature in Tartu, Estonia. Paper Presentation at the 13th Estonian Association of Comparative Literature (EACL), Department of Literature and Theatrical Studies of the University of Tartu.