Chua Seng En, Matthias

Academic Qualifications

B.Sc. (Honours) in Life Sciences; Minor in Japanese Studies, National University of Singapore

Research areas

Plant-animal interactions

Research interests

Matthias' research focuses on animal-plant interaction and how the loss of these faunas could potentially lead to the decline of their associated plant species. His research interests include fungal diversity and the myriad of ecosystem functions they perform.


Matthias is a research assistant working on establishing a plant-animal interaction database under Assistant Professor Lim Jun Ying. He enjoys exploring nature areas in hopes of spotting fungi fruiting bodies. Matthias' fascination with the understudied Fungi Kingdom started when he was reading a fungal biology course in his undergraduate years which made him realise how little we actually know about the precise roles they play in the ecosystem as well as the evolutionary history which led to their immense diversification. In the future, he hopes that the Fungi Kingdom could be conferred the same level of importance and attention as the Animal and Plant Kingdoms.