Felicia Leong Wei Shan

Academic qualifications

B.Sc. (Hons.) in Life Sciences with a specialization in Environmental Biology, National University of Singapore

Research areas

Plant community ecology, plant-plant interactions, carbon cycling, urban ecology

Research interests

Felicia’s research will focus on the effects of plant diversity on carbon storage in natural and urban environments.


Felicia’s interest in community ecology blossomed from experiences during her undergraduate years in the Botany Lab where she was involved in various research projects on species interactions. She now joins the Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions in hopes that her research will someday contribute to tackling environmental issues and conserving biodiversity. Besides ecology, Felicia also has a keen interest in agriculture and hopes to open an indoor farm in the future.

Selected publications

FWS Leong, WN Lam, HTW Tan. 2018. A dipteran larva–pitcher plant digestive mutualism is dependent on prey resource digestibility. Oecologia 188: 813–820.

FWS Leong, WN Lam, HTW Tan. 2019. Digestive mutualism in a pitcher plant supports the monotonic rather than hump-shaped stress-gradient hypothesis model. Oecologia 190: 523–534.