Daisuke Taira

Academic Qualifications

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore

M.Sc. in Marine Environmental Management, University of York

B.Sc. (Honours) in Ecological Sciences (Ecological Conservation and Management), University of Edinburgh

Research areas

Nature-based solutions, ecological engineering, restoration ecology, conservation biology, urban marine ecology, fish ecology

Research interests

Daisuke is interested in exploring the potential of nature-based approaches for coastal protection and climate adaptation, as opposed to traditional manmade coastal defenses. He is also interested in urban marine ecology, especially in understanding how marine organisms are impacted by and can adapt to coastal development, and how we can enhance ecological values of grey infrastructure.


Daisuke Taira is a research fellow at the Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions. His current research aims to identify challenges and opportunities of nature-based and hybrid engineering solutions for coastal protection in Southeast Asia in response to a changing climate, and develop a decision-making framework to guide appropriate coastal management actions. As a marine ecologist, he has eight years of experience in ecological surveys and experiments with intensive intertidal and diving fieldwork. He previously worked as a research assistant at Tropical Marine Science Institute, NUS (2014-2017) and investigated the feasibility of in-situ coral nursery and transplantation to restore coral reefs in Singapore’s urbanised seascape. His PhD research (2017-2022), at Experimental Marine Ecology Laboratory, NUS, investigated how fishes respond to proliferation of seawalls along urban shorelines and whether hard ecological engineering can enhance fish diversity on these built coastal defences.

With his passion for marine life and conservation, Daisuke have been involved in reef restoration efforts in Singapore and Bali. He also actively contributes to documentation of local fish biodiversity by reporting new records and uncommon sightings of marine fishes in Singapore

Selected publications

  1. Ng D†, Taira D†*, Heery EC, Todd PA* (2021) Antagonistic effects of seawalls and urban sedimentation on epilithic algal matrix (EAM)-feeding fishes. Marine Pollution Bulletin 173: 113098.
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  4. Taira D, Heery EC, Loke LHL, Teo A, Bauman AG, Todd PA* (2020) Ecological engineering across organismal scales: trophic-mediated positive effects of microhabitat enhancement on fishes. Marine Ecology Progress Series 656: 181-192.
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 Conference and presentations

  1. Taira D, Ng D, Heery EC, Todd PA (2021) Use of seawalls by epilithic algal matrix (EAM) feeding fishes in a highly urbanised reef system. Oral presentation (virtual) delivered at 14th International Coral Reef Symposium, Bremen, Germany , 19-23 July 2021.
  2. Taira D, Heery EC, Loke LHL, Bauman AG, Todd PA (2019) Habitat enhancement can increase fish diversity in an urban coastal defence structure. Oral presentation delivered at 12th International Temperate Reef Symposium, Hong Kong, 6 – 11 January 2019.
  3. Taira D, Heery EC, Loke LHL, Bauman AG, Todd PA (2018) Habitat enhancement for augmenting seawall utilisation by reef fishes in a tropical urban shoreline. Oral presentation delivered at 5th International Marine Conservation Congress, Kuching, Malaysia, 22 – 30 June 2018.
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  6. Taira D, Toh TC, Ng CSL, Loke HX, Afiq-Rosli L, Toh KB, Cabaitan P, Chou LM (2016) Coral relocation as a possible mitigation tool to accelerate coral recovery from bleaching. Oral presentation delivered at the 8th International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts & Responses. Hanoi, Vietnam, 21-22 April 2016.