The NUS Alumni Manila Chapter Bids Farewell to the Singapore Ambassador
The National University of Singapore (NUS) Alumni Manila Chapter hosted their first major in-person gathering in 2023 entitled “Sundowner Cocktails and Sendoff for Singapore Ambassador to the Philippines, Mr Gerard Ho” at the Long Bar, Raffles Hotel, Makati City, Metro Manila. Twenty-five (25) alumni were present in the gathering representing seven (7) faculties and schools, including those from the Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Computing, Design and Environment, Public Policy, Science, and Medicine. Ambassador Gerard Ho was accompanied in the sendoff by Deputy Chief of Mission and Counsellor Pan Jingxuan and Second Secretary (Political) Amanda Cheah. The short programme started at 6:00 pm. Chapter Chairperson Mr Richard Tan (Public Policy ’13) welcomed all participants and guests, introduced the new chapter officers for the term 2023/24, and shared a short vision and plans for 2023. Each member present then gave a very short introduction of themselves. Vice Chairperson Mr Nestor Precioso (Science ’06) then read the chapter’s message of thanks to Ambassador Gerard Ho (Arts and Social Sciences ’97) and initiated a toast to wish him all the best in his new role. The Ambassador then thanked everyone in attendance for their good wishes. Mr Tan then gave the chapter’s token of appreciation to the Ambassador. Afterward, a short statement was given by Ms Ruby Liu, Area Director of the Singapore Tourism Board in the Philippines. Cocktails and networking continued until 7:30 pm, with everyone enjoying the company of fellow alumni, Long Bar’s Singapore Sling, and a combination of Singapore and Filipino samplers featuring chicken satay, chili crab spring roll, char kway teow, chicken inasal, and sisig.
Chengdu Chapter Bonding Lunch
The Chengdu Chapter of NUS Overseas Alumni gathered for a long-awaited bonding lunch on the 16th of April 2023. This was the first event for the chapter after three years, and the excitement among the alumni was palpable. The Singapore Consulate General of Chengdu was invited to attend the gathering, making the event even more special. The event was a resounding success, and the feedback from the alumni was overwhelmingly positive. They were glad that the gathering was organised, as it gave them an opportunity to reconnect with NUS. The NUS logo hanging on the wall was a hit among the alumni, who took photos with it as a background and posted them on social media. The presence of the Consulate General and members of Singcham allowed the alumni to widen their networking. Singcham members gave speeches on the plans of the chamber going forward, which was informative and engaging. More than five alumni volunteered to share their professional experiences and talk about their life after returning to Chengdu. This was one of the key highlights of the lunch, as it gave the alumni an opportunity to get to know each other. The food served was also a hit among the alumni, as nothing brings back fond memories of Singapore and NUS like Singaporean food. Overall, the event was a great success, and the alumni left feeling reconnected with NUS and each other.
InSPIRxE Mentorship Programme closing ceremony
The Department of Pharmacy ended the second run of our flagship alumni mentorship programme, InSPIRxE (Inspiring Students in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science through Interactions and Enrichment), on a high note with an in-person closing ceremony on 1 April 2023! In this iteration, 22 alumni mentored 38 pharmacy and pharmaceutical science undergraduate mentees for 9 months. Mentors and mentees gathered at the Pharmacy Practice Skills Hub to celebrate their achievements and friendships formed after a journey of growth and self-development. Highlights of the event included human bingo, testimony sharing and card making. It is truly heartening to see how InSPIRxE has been beneficial to both our mentors and mentees. We are excited to welcome returning and new alumni mentors and mentees in the next iteration of InSPIRxE!
NUS College’s The Collective Faire
The Collective Faire was held from 22 to 23 March 2023 on the premises of NUS College. I had organised its first iteration some eight years ago in my third year of University! I had been inspired by the Really Really Free Market initiative to start something similar where individuals could give away their pre-loved items and share their talents with the community for free. It was both a gentle push against the tide of growing consumerism and an invitation for then-University Scholars Programme (USP) students to discover how wonderfully vibrant our community was (and still is!).

As with previous runs of The Collective Faire, individuals and groups from NUSC could set up any type of booth they wanted. This year, we were treated to a host of activities that included cheese tasting, french horn lessons, and the ever-popular live indomie station! This was also the first year that alumni were welcomed back. After COVID-19 put a pause to the full spectrum of College life, it was heartening to see everyone back together delighting in the collective bustle across the college spaces. From the residential team to the Interest Groups that took part, every booth reflected a sliver of our colourful community.

Never did I imagine back then as a student that this ground-up initiative of mine would become a staple college event! As a full-time staff with NUS College now, I have come full circle organising The Collective Faire. I am excited to support other projects that aim to build up this community, those that nurture meaningful conversations and deep relationships that transcend the transactional.

Submitted by Ms Bianca Tham (Arts and Social Sciences '17).

2023 Spring Equinox Dinner
NUS alumni and their spouses gathered at Lion City restaurant in Mississauga to celebrate the Spring Equinox. Coming together after the pandemic restrictions, everyone was in a joyful mood and getting back into getting together. The management at Lion City took really good care of us with a customised menu that had everyone excited. The hot and spicy dishes were particularly welcome in the cool spring weather. Special thanks to NUS Chapter executives Jean (Arts and Social Sciences '97) and Billie (Arts and Social Sciences '85) for organising this event.
CDE Class Ambassadors Network: New Connections!
On a beautiful Friday evening, the College of Design and Engineering Office of Alumni Relations orchestrated its Class Ambassadors Network bonding event, themed "New Connections!" The convocation on March 3rd, 2023, welcomed 60 Class Ambassadors hailing from diverse backgrounds. The event commenced with a heartfelt opening address by the Deputy Dean, Professor Heng Chye Kiang, brimming with fervor for the inaugural reunion across the two faculties and the opportunity to network with Class Ambassadors from various cohorts. He extolled the significance of fostering sturdy connections and fashioning opportunities for those connections to develop. The Vice Dean Associate Professor Kua Harn Wei also provided valuable insights to the Class Ambassadors' role, emphasising their critical function in advocating for the College and providing support to their peers. Following the brief, attendees indulged in sumptuous food and beverages, engaging in animated conversations, and sharing anecdotes. They also partook in interactive games tailored to expedite networking and foster fresh relationships. The games provided a convivial and absorbing avenue for the attendees to become acquainted with each other, exchange stories, and learn from one another. As the event culminated, the Assistant Dean Associate Professor Teo Chiang Juay expressed his profuse gratitude to the attendees for their unwavering support and reiterated the indispensability of forging strong connections among all the CDE Class Ambassadors. The co-host alum and class ambassador, Mr Sheam K., shared his firsthand experiences and dispensed valuable insights to the Class Ambassadors, galvanising them to persevere in constructing enduring networks and creating avenues for personal and professional growth. Overall, the CDE Class Ambassadors Network's maiden reunion session was a resounding success, bolstering new connections and reinforcing the gravity of building robust networks within the CDE community. The attendees left the event feeling invigorated and empowered to continue their endeavours as Class Ambassadors, championing the college and providing support to their fellow students. To find out more about the event, please visit CDE Alumni Relations website at
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