3.4.8    Incubation Project

Students who wish to experience the entrepreneurship spirit that permeates the School are welcome to bring their idea, put it into a business plan, and bring it into fruition. The School Incubation Centre provides support to students for their ideas to be germinated into a money-making business. Students could also earn credits towards their degree requirement through registering for CP3109 Incubation Project module. In this module, students will submit their reports to the Incubation Centre Review Committee. The committee will assess students’ ability in managing and operating their companies.

Besides the various technopreneurship modules offered by NUS, the School also offers a module on digital entrepreneurship that cover trends in the digital marketplace and emerging high-growth opportunities for digital businesses. The module will highlight issues facing companies with new products and services in an ever-changing digital marketplace. It also focuses on opportunity identification and sources of competitive differentiation, particularly as they relate to digital innovation.