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We are deeply honoured that you have chosen to pursue your degree at the National University of Singapore (NUS). On behalf of the University, I am pleased to welcome you to the NUS family.

NUS is a leading global university comprising about 40,000 students and 6,600 faculty and researchers across 17 Faculties and Schools. This milieu of talent creates a diverse and vibrant campus that is truly a microcosm of the global workplace.

An NUS education will give you many opportunities inside and outside the classroom to acquire knowledge, develop your interests, and stretch your potential, all within a nurturing environment conducive to learning. Over the course of your education, you will emerge as an able global citizen, competent, confident and ready to make a difference and contribute to society.

At NUS, we take exceptional pride in delivering an education that is intellectually rigorous, yet flexible, holistic and transformative. The University is continually improving and expanding on our educational offerings. We have introduced numerous differentiated academic pathways that you can pursue. Choose from a variety of majors and minors, or double, joint and concurrent degrees, some of which are offered in collaboration with overseas universities. You can spend a semester abroad at one of these universities, pursue a work-study opportunity at an NUS Overseas College, or get an internship to gain insight into industry. NUS has also introduced various living and learning programmes at our halls and residential colleges. These programmes are designed to complement and enrich your classroom learning, so I encourage you to strongly consider participating in one of them.

One distinctive aspect of NUS’s curriculum is the general education (GE) framework. This serves as a common university experience in which all students are exposed to fundamental approaches to knowledge. The framework will help you develop a broad intellectual perspective and prepare you for lifelong learning. The Centre for Future-ready Graduates also offers courses in soft skills to help you develop self-awareness and discover your potential at an early stage of your university experience. The skills you learn in these courses will enable you to successfully chart your educational journey towards your career goals and prepare you for employment in a rapidly changing global workplace.

As a new student matriculating in AY2019/20, you will begin your educational journey at NUS under a grade-free scheme. This scheme will allow you the time and space to adjust to the academic and social culture of university life. We hope that this grading system will allow to experiment and enrol in new classes to expand your academic horizons and develop a passion for inquiry, exploration and discovery.

Having a close-knit and collaborative NUS community is very important to us. NUS students and faculty must think beyond themselves and realise that they are part of a larger community, in Singapore, Southeast Asia, and in the world. Recognising the roles we play in the communities around us allows us to further enrich the diverse society we enjoy in Singapore. To be successful in such a diverse society, we must be inclusive, be willing to adapt, and want to work with others to achieve our common goals.

Let me once again congratulate you on your admission and welcome you to the NUS family. Your adventure at NUS has just begun, and I am sure there will be many exciting and enriching experiences to come. I wish you every success as you embark on this new journey.

Professor Ho Teck Hua
Senior Deputy President & Provost

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