Sidebar    Minor in Life Sciences

Host Department: Biological Sciences

The Minor in Life Sciences is designed for non-Life Sciences Majors to receive significant training in selected Life Sciences topics. Students of this Minor will receive a good grounding in their choice of topics in Life Sciences as well as an insight into contemporary Life Sciences principles and techniques.

To be awarded a Minor in Life Sciences, a student must pass six of the following modules:

  1. Two modules from the following
    • LSM1102 Molecular Genetics
    • LSM1105 Evolutionary Biology
    • LSM1106 Molecular Cell Biology
  2. Two LSM21xx/22xx modules except LSM2288 and LSM2289.
  3. Pass two LSM32xx elective modules (except LSM3288 and LSM3289), of which one (up to 4MC) may be LSM42xx (except LSM4299) or LSM-recognised elective module.

This minor is not awarded with the primary or second major in Life Sciences.