3.5.1    University Scholars Programme

Students may apply to join the University Scholars Programme (USP) prior to enrolment into NUS. Students from the Faculty of Engineering are admitted into the Scholars Programme on the basis of their academic and co-curricular achievements, a written essay, and
an interview:

As much as possible, both USP students and their non-USP counterparts will graduate with similar, if not the same, number of modular credits. However, as the incorporation of the USP requirements at the Faculties/Schools is not perfect, USP students may require more modular credits to graduate as compared to their non-USP counterparts.

In general, USP students have to read a total of 48 MCs which fulfil the following USP requirement:

  1. Foundation Tier modules (3 modules, 12 MCs)
    ▷ Writing and Critical Writing, UWC2101
    ▷ Quantitative Reasoning Foundation, UQF2101
    ▷ University Scholars Seminar, USS2015
  2. Inquiry Tier modules (8 modules, 32 MCs)
    ▷ Interdisciplinary topic-based modules in two domains
    • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Science and Technology
    ▷ At least one but no more than three ISMs; Faculty of Engineering-Independent Study Module ride-ons are not allowed
  3. Reflection Tier module (1 module, 4 MCs)
    ▷ Senior Seminar

Students who complete the USP curriculum are deemed to have fulfilled:
▷ 20 MCs of University Level Requirement
▷ 7 MCs of Faculty Requirement: ES2331 (4 MCs) & HR2002 (3 MCs)
▷ 20 MCs of Major or Unrestricted Electives requirement

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