3.4    Enhancement Programmes

Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of programmes and activities to enrich their undergraduate journey. At the Faculty level, programmes in engineering innovation, technopreneurship, and research are introduced to better support students in personalising their education experience. Students will generally receive modular credits via Unrestricted Electives upon successful completion of a particular enhancement programme.

3.4.1    EG3611 Industrial Attachment (12 MCs)

3.4.2    EG3612 Vacation Internship Programme (6 MCs)

3.4.3    EG1603/EG2603 Technopreneurship and Incubation Programme (2 MCs and 2 MCs)

3.4.4    EG2604 Innovation Programme (4 MCs)

3.4.5    EG2605 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (4 MCs)

3.4.6    EG2606A/B Independent Work (2 MCs and 4 MCs)