Pre-Admission Medical Exam Process



NO fasting is necessary for the Pre-admission Medical exam.


Candidates are encouraged to wear loose clothing that you can easily remove. Additionally avoid any excess jewelry or other things that may prevent a proper medical examination. These may include necklaces or body piercing that must be removed prior to an X-ray procedure.

Items to Bring

On the day of your Medical Examination, please bring along the following items:

  1. Singapore Identity Card or Passport
  2. Medical history/reports written in English (if any)
  3. NETS / Credit Card / Debit Card / PayLah / PayNow (if payment is required)
  4. NUS Medical Examination Form with Part I completed
  5. Prescription eyewear / contact lens
  6. Mask to be worn at the clinic at all times

Registration and Payment

A queue number will be issued for the day. Please keep a lookout for the queue number assigned to you on the display panel.

Price Guide

Standard Medical Examination (includes Chest X-Ray and urine labstix)


Student Pass Medical Examination


Standard Medical Examination with Student Pass Examination


* Prices are subjected to prevailing GST and change without prior notice
** Please retain receipt for future reference.

Physical Parameters

Examination of physical parameters which includes height, weight and vision acuity. Please bring along your current prescription glasses or contact lenses for your medical examination.

Blood Test

  • International students will need to undergo an HIV test for the application of Student Pass
  • For Graduate students, please contact your respective faculties and schools to verify on immunity screening requirements if any
  • For Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Dentistry* Undergraduate students, please refer to your Faulty / School for instructions on specific screenings and immunisations requirements and deadline.

Urine Test 

A container will be given to you to collect your "mid-stream" urine.

Midway through urination, move the container into the stream of urine and fill the container about 1/2 to 2/3 full.

Female students: please inform the staff if you have your menses within the past 5 days or if it is still ongoing.

Chest X-ray 

You will be undergoing chest X-ray at UHC.

Medical Review

The doctor will review your medical history and conduct a physical examination.

Collection of Report

Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and International Students are required to return to the clinic to collect their immunization screening report (if any).

For all other students, there is no need to return to the clinic for collection of results, as UHC is the collection centre.

Type of Report

Processing Time

Pre-Admission Medical Exam Report

No collection is required.
Your medical exam result will be reported to the relevant faculty/department

Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) – Student Pass Medical Report

5 working days

Immunisation Screening Report, if any (e.g.: Hepatitis B, Chickenpox and Rubella)

10 working days

* Please bring your Identity Card or Passport for verification purposes. You are required to prepare an authorization letter if you are sending someone to collect your reports on your behalf.

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