Seah Kar Heng

Seah Kar Heng


It has always been my philosophy that students learn best when they are engaged and interested during classes. This is possible if what is taught can be related to real-life examples. My goal is to instil in my students a love for the subject such that they will continue exploring it long after my classes have ended because they find what I taught them in class relevant and useful for overcoming problems they encounter in life. I instil in them the thought process of an engineer and a thirst for life-long learning.

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Dr Seah Kar Heng is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS. He has been lecturing in NUS since 1983. His areas of research include metal cutting, metal matrix composites, new materials, cryogenic treatment of materials, and corrosion of materials. In the area of teaching, he has given lectures on mechanical engineering design, materials selection, engineering statistics, manufacturing, mechanics of machines, workshop technology, statics and dynamics, automotive engineering and race car engineering. He is currently the Supervisor of the Design Lab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, as well as Hall Master of Raffles Hall. Outside NUS, he has conducted many professional short courses for practicing engineers on Materials Selection and Manufacturing Technology, and has been consultant for military and civilian projects. A former Associate Director of the NUS Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning, Dr Seah has a keen interest in pedagogy and has for many years been regularly receiving various awards for good teaching, including the prestigious NUS Outstanding Educator’s Award in 2003. Apart from research papers on his technical specialization, he has also written several articles on pedagogy and related topics. Dr Seah has been supervising the NUS Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) race car project since its inception in 2001.

Teaching Awards / Accolades

  • 1998 Teaching Excellence Award for B Eng
  • 1999 Teaching Honours List for B Eng
  • 2002 Engineering Educator Award 
  • 2002 Outstanding Educator’s Award (University level)
  • 2004 Teaching Honours List for B Eng
  • 2005 Engineering Educator Award
  • 2007 Gold Award for Innovative Teaching