The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Prof Shulman provided an overview of the new fields of scholarship of teaching and learning in academic and professional fields of study, illustrating his account with examples from physics and history, literature and mathematics, medicine & business. He discussed how empirical research methods are brought to bear on such questions, a topic that was further developed in his masterclass workshop, which emphasized the challenges of assessment and accountability.

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The Challenges of Assessment and The Three Apprenticeships of Education

How do we assess the impact of our teaching on students? How do we design, frame and evaluate alternative approaches to accounting for the successes and failures of the academic programs we present and how do we report such work to our colleagues, our boards and our stakeholders? Indeed, what should be assessed? Are we solely accountable for the intellectual development of our students, or should we be assessing more than mental development and extending our assessments to the development of technical/practical skills and even to the development of integrity, of moral, ethical and civic responsibility and character? Professor Shulman presented and discussed the challenges of assessment and accountability in higher education in this masterclass workshop.

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