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Wellness Festival 2020

Wellness Festival has ended.
Stay tuned for the next one in 2021!

Wellness Festival 2020

Wellness Festival has ended. Check back for more information on upcoming events happening in 2021!

Wellness Festival 2020 is a first-ever, campus-wide collaboration by NUS Office of Student Affairs and the Faculties aimed at creating awareness on the importance of mental health and wellbeing amongst NUS students. Through the festival, students will learn self-care tips as well as the mental health and support services available to NUS students. The Wellness Festival comprises of 2 main events: 

1) The PitStop Workshops 
2) The #PitStopChallenge

both centred on the 7 PitStop Principles:

  • Personal Skills 
  • Interaction 
  • Time Out
  • Sleep 
  • Thoughtful Eating
  • On The Move 
  • Purpose 

Festival Highlights:

  • PitStop Workshops — Check your emails and sign up for the PitStop Workshops with your school/faculty. Here are the line-up of the workshops happening this October. 

List of PitStop Workshops
Note: All workshops are currently FULL.  

Wellness Festival Workshops
Wellness Festival Workshops

Notice: We love the insta-stories that we are receiving and will like to extend the lucky draw opportunity to more participants. The challenge will end on 18 October (Sun) 2359! 

  • The #PitStopChallenge —  Follow @nusstudentaffairs on Instagram! Tell us how you will incorporate the 7 PitStop Principles in your daily living and stand to win attractive prizes like the iPad Mini, Apple Watches, Audio Technica Headphones, GrabFood Vouchers and many more.
 PitStopChallenge Prizes

What is the #PitStopChallenge?
The #PitStopChallenge is an Instagram-based challenge part of the Wellness Festival 2020 that will launch on World Mental Health day and take place from 10th to 16th October 2020. The challenge aims to impart the 7 PitStop Principles to NUS Students by encouraging them to cultivate a habit of applying these principles in their day-to-day life. 

Participants who successfully qualify for the #PitStopChallenge lucky draw* stand a chance to win attractive prizes!


What are the 7 PitStop Principles? Also, what are some examples of activities I can do for the #PitStopChallenge?

7 PitStop Principles Examples for the #PitStopChallenge
Personal Skills

Developingone’s personal skills can be done through the act ofpracticing mindfulness, setting priorities, adopting a positive mindset, and appreciating one’s strengths.


Research shows that isolation will cause low moods. It is important to stay connected with family and friends, beopen to share your concerns,andsupport your friends in times of need.

  • Organising Games Night on Zoom with your friends(Eg.Scribbl.ioorHaxball)

  • Goingfor a meal with a friend

  • Video callinga friend to chit-chat

  • Going out with friends or family

  • Jointhe NUS Peer Student Supporters duringtheirVirtual PitStopsessions

Time Out

Don’t forget to taketime out for yourself! You can do this by picking up a new hobby, orthroughsimple acts like listening to yourfavorite music track.

  • Participating in CCA

  • Doinganewhobby

  • Listeningto a podcastormusicplaylist

  • Going out and takinga short walk

  • Taking a short 15-mins break after every 2-hours of studying


Getting7-8 hours of sleep every nightto feel more recharged for a more productive day.

  • Usingasleep trackingappto track your sleep cycle and patterns(Eg.Sleep CycleorSleep Score)

  • Using items that help you to sleep better
    (Eg.Aromatherapy, dim lights,relaxingmusic)

  • Doing meditation prior to sleepingusinganymindfulness app (Eg.Calm apporHeadspace)

Thoughtful Eating

Be mindful of what you put into your body by selectinghealthierfoodchoices, drinkingat least 2litresof water daily, and/or minimizing yourintake of sugar, trans-fats, and processed foods.

  • Consuming mealsat stores endorsing foods with theHealthierChoice symbol

  • Cooking and preparing healthy meals

  • Practicing mindful eatingthroughconsciousfood choices(Find outmorehereandhere)

  • Bringing a reusable water bottle out with you andconsumingat least 2litresof water each day


Try to exercise 30-minutes, at least 5 times a week.Endorphins + Serotonin = Happiness!
  • Clockingin10,000 stepsperday

  • Doing any kind of exercise for a minimum of 20-minutes each day

  • Attendingafreevirtualfitness class


Research shows that giving and volunteering provide people a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

  • Carrying out an act of kindness

  • Volunteering or participating in community service either in NUS or with an external organisation

*Terms and Conditions

The #PitStopChallenge Lucky Draw Terms and Conditions

  1. Only successful challenge entries by NUS students will be eligible for the lucky draw.

  2. Minimum 3 IG stories to qualify for one chance at the lucky draw. Post 5 or more IG Stories for 2 chances at the lucky draw. Post 1 story per day only. 

  3. Instastories must include the hashtag #PitstopChallenge, hashtag the principle practiced, tag @nusstudentaffairs and tag a friend to be deemed as successful entries.

  4. Only current NUS students are eligible for the lucky draw. During the period of 17 to 20 October 2020, successful entries will receive an Instagram Direct Message from @nusstudentaffairs requesting for their NUS email address as verification of the student status. Participants must respond by 25 October 2020 (2359).

  5. The draw will happen on 26 October 2020 at 10am. The winners will be announced on Instagram (@nusstudentaffairs) and will receive an email from NUS OSA.

  6. For physical prizes, collection will take place at Student Service Centre, Yusof Ishak House. Winners will be contacted separately on redemption instructions.

  7. Contests are not sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with Apple, Audio Technica, Fujifilm, Hydro Flask, and Grab. 

  8. Office of Student Affairs reserves the right, at its discretion, to change or modify the terms and conditions.

  9. For any queries regarding the Wellness Festival 2020 or the #PitStopChallenge, kindly email us at


Download The #PitStopChallenge Guide 

If you have queries on the Wellness Festival or the #PitStopChallenge, drop us an email at