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Lost and Found

RepoApp manages the lost and found items on campus.

Found an item
You can visit the Student Service Centre to submit the found item.

Alternatively, you can visit any of the other Lost & Found reporting points to return the item as well.

  1. Security Posts;
  2. Science Library, Medical Library, Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library, CJK Law Library, Central and Chinese Libraries;
  3. Registrar's Office;
  4. University Health Centre; and
  5. Office of Human Resources

Lost an item
You can search for your lost item in RepoApp.

If you are unable to find your lost item online, you may lodge a claim form online to report your loss.

Please read the instructions here before you use the system.

To access the instructional page outside NUS, log in to NUS Intranet via WebVPN.

Collection of lost item
If you found your lost item in RepoApp, take note of the Item ID and proceed to any reporting point nearest to you. The reporting point will check and direct you to the location to claim your item. 

If your lost item is stored at the Student Service Centre, visit us during our operating hours to collect your item. Bring along some form of verification.


Do note that lost items are stored for 3 months. Unclaimed items will be destroyed and disposed of after 3 months.

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