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Undergraduate Concession Card


If you are a full-time matriculated undergraduate, you are eligible to apply for an Undergraduate Concession Card to enjoy concessionary travel on buses, MRT and LRT.

All part-time undergraduates, postgraduates, non-graduating (exchange & non-exchange) students irrespective of the courses they are in, are ineligible for the concession card.

You can find more information here.

Application for Undergraduate Concession Card for Freshmen
The bulk application exercise for the AY2023/2024 Freshmen will commence from 03 July 2023 to 27 August 2023. Only full-time matriculated undergraduates are eligible to apply for the Undergraduate Concession Card. You can check your eligibility here

Application is done online via the Transitlink Application page.

  • Upload a colour passport-sized photograph that was taken within the last 3 months (taken full face with a white background)
  • Payment to be made via eNets Credit. (Transitlink’s payment guide can be found here.)

All concession cards applied during the bulk application exercise will be sent to the Student Service Centre (SSC) located at University Sports Centre.

Collection of your concession card at SSC will commence from 27 July 2023, and is by appointment only.

Undergraduate Concession Card Collection at SSC for Freshmen
Freshmen and current students who applied for your concession card during the bulk application exercise on 03 July 2023 to 27 August 2023, please take note of your application date when arranging an appointment to collect your card at the Student Service Centre.

NOTE: Collection of Concession Card is by appointment only. 

You must make an appointment via our appointment booking portal to collect your concession card.

Bring along your mobile phone, with uNivUS app installed. We will be scanning your digital student card upon collection.

If you are authorizing a proxy, select Yes in the appointment booking portal.

Your proxy should bring a copy of your Student Card and also his/her own NRIC / Passport for identification. 

Collection Schedule


Application Date

Collection Date


03 July – 12 July 2023

27 July 2023 onwards


13 July – 19 July 2023

03 August 2023 onwards


20 July – 26 July 2023

10 August 2023 onwards


27 July – 02 August 2023

17 August 2023 onwards


03 August – 09 August 2023

24 August 2023 onwards


10 August – 16 August 2023

31 August 2023 onwards


17 August – 27 August 2023

07 September 2023 onwards

Collection Venue
All applied concession cards during the bulk exercise, will be sent to the Student Service Centre for collection. 

Collection location:        
University Sports Centre, USC-03-07
2 Sports Drive 1
Singapore 117561

Bring your mobile phone, with uNivUS app installed, to scan your digital student card for collection of your concession card.

Application for Undergraduate Concession Card
Only full-time matriculated undergraduates are eligible for the Undergraduate Concession Card.

Current students without a concession card can apply for one either online or any TransitLink Concession Card Replacement Offices. If your name is more than 32 characters (including spaces), please use this form to provide us with your amended/shortened name.

When applying for the concession card, prepare the following:
  • Passport-size photograph (taken within the last 3 months) against a white background;
  • Student Card; and
One of the following documents:
  • Original NRIC/Passport for Singapore Citizens; or
  • Original NRIC/Re-entry permit for Singapore Permanent Residents; or
  • Original Passport and Foreign Student Pass (FIN) for foreign students.

 Photograph must fulfil the following criteria:
  • Taken against a white background in colour passport-sized
  • Hair must be neatly combed or tied up
  • Image must show full face from chin to crown of the head

For Undergraduate Concession Cards applied online, your concession card will be mailed to the mailing address provided by you in the application.
For Undergraduate Concession Cards applied at any TransitLink Concession Card Replacement Offices, you will be issued your card on the spot.

To start using your Undergraduate Concession Card, head down to any TransitLink Ticket Office to activate the card by making a minimum top-up of $10. Bring your original NRIC/Passport for verification purposes.

You may refer here for more FAQs on concession cards.  

Concession Schemes
Full-time matriculated undergraduates can enjoy travel concession through the use of Monthly Concession Passes (MCPs). The MCPs can be purchased at any TransitLink Ticket Office and AVM.

3 schemes:
Bus Concession Pass (BCP)
Unlimited travel on basic bus services for $55.50 monthly.

Train Concession Pass (TCP)
Unlimited travel on train rides for $48 monthly.

Hybrid Concession Pass (HCP)
Unlimited travel on both train rides and basic bus services for $90.50 monthly.

The Undergraduate Concession Card can also be topped-up with a minimum travel value of $10 for use on buses and trains should you decide not to purchase a monthly concession pass. Normal adult fares will be deducted.

More information can be found at the TransitLink website.

Lost or damaged Concession Card
Please refer to Transitlink's website on the replacement of your lost or damaged concession card.  

Extension of Concession Card eligibility
The expiry date of your concessionary eligibility period can be determined at any TransitLink Ticket Office, Add Value Machine (AVM) or General Ticketing Machine (GTM).

Please send an extension request here at least 14 working days before the expiry date of your existing concessionary eligibility period.

The processing time for the extension will take about 14 working days. You will be informed via email on the date to activate the extension for your concessionary eligibility period.

Expiry and Refund of the Concession card
Your card concession eligibility will expire once you completed your course of study in NUS. However, the card can be used for a further 4-month period, with adult fare payment. Concession passes cannot be purchased.

You can return the concession card to any TransitLink Ticket Office so as to obtain a refund of any remaining travel value in the card. The card will be retained by the Ticket Office. You may request for an immediate refund at any Ticket Office during the 4 months grace period. After the 4 months period, your card will expire and cannot be used or refunded immediately. You will then be issued a receipt to collect the refund 5 working days later at any Ticket Office.

Cardholders are required to produce their NRIC/Passport for the refund. Refund of the card by a proxy is allowed if the proxy presents their own original NRIC/Passport in addition to the above-mentioned items.

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