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Application Portal

Application/Registration Process


Step 1 - UHMS Application Steps

UHMS Application Steps

  • Students allocated to Halls or Colleges must subscribe to meal plans.
  • Students who have earlier completed application for non-College hostels and subsequently receive offers to stay at Colleges, they would be required to pay application fee again when they are informed by the Colleges to complete the online registration. Similarly, students who withdraw from Colleges, they would also be required to pay another application fee before they submit application for non-College hostels.
Step 2 - Login to UHMS

Login to UHMS

Students Without NUSNET ID

Please go to Log in using NUS application number and password.

For your login password, please refer to your NUS offer letter. 

Students With NUSNET ID

Please go to Log in using your NUSNET ID and password.

If you had forgotten your password, please go to to reset your password.

Important Note:

You will not be able to access the portal if you are:

  • Not eligible for an NUS student accommodation i.e. part-time student, graduated or withdrawn from NUS.

You will not be able to submit an application if you are:

  • On Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • Barred from applying due to disciplinary reasons
  • Barred from applying due to financial reasons i.e. outstanding hostel fees

UHMS Login Problem — What to Do?

You may complete the online feedback at Our officers will reply you within 3 working days.

Step 1: Click "Ask A Question" tab.

Step 2: Select relevant question category.

Step 3: Under subject, type " Problems logging into UHMS.

Step 4: Under the free text window, provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • NRIC/passport
  • NUS application number
  • Student category – please choose Undergraduate (UG)
  • Have you accepted the NUS offer and the date of acceptance? (Y/N)
  • Nature of problem
Step 3 - Pay Application Fee
  • Make online payment of S$27 (inclusive of 8% GST) via University Housing Management System (UHMS). Mode of payment is via Amex, Master or Visa debit/credit or eNETs only. For manual payment mode, please click here for more information.
  • Print the payment receipt for your records.
  • If you experience problems during submission of payment, please do not make another payment as you may incur unnecessary transaction charges. You may contact Student Service Centre or drop an inquiry at with your transaction reference number for further instructions.
  • Please be advised that your application will be processed only after we have received your application fee payment (Only payments received before the stipulated deadline will be considered).
  • No application fee is required for Vacation Stay application.
Step 4 - Results & Offer
  • You may log into the UHMS system on the results release day (from 10.00 a.m onwards) to check your application status.
  • Successful students have to accept the offer and pay the full hostel fees (and meal plan where applicable) before the deadline. Online methods of payment include Amex, Master or Visa debit/credit or E-Nets. For manual payment mode, please click here for more information. If you miss the deadline for acceptance and payment, your offer will automatically lapse and re-offered to the next available applicant.
  • Vacation stay is optional. Students interested to stay during the vacation period may submit an application during the vacation stay application exercise. For the Vacation Stay Exercise period, please click here if you are staying in the Halls and Residences.
  • If you experience problems during submission of spayment, please do not make another payment as you may incur unnecessary transaction charges. You may contact Office of Student Service Centre at +65 6516 1177 or drop an inquiry at with your transaction reference number for further instructions.
  • Unsuccessful students are advised to start their search for alternative accommodation.
  • In the event of queries, please go to and click on Ask a Question tab to submit your query. You may also refer to our Answers for frequently asked questions.
Step 5 - Appeal


Unsuccessful students with unforeseen difficulties and urgent needs may submit their appeals with supporting documents, if any, through the University Hostel Management System (UHMS) housing portal. Submission via other channels will NOT be considered. For complex requests, we may need more time to review the request and the circumstances, and we would like to seek your understanding should there be any delay.

Due to overwhelming demand and limited availability of campus housing, on-campus housing is not guaranteed. On-campus housing for appeal request is not guaranteed and subject to availability. All appeals are considered objectively on a case-by-case basis and will be allocated carefully to students with genuine need.

Only submit your appeal application if you are truly in need. Further appeals from the same student will not be processed. In the event that the appeal remains as unsuccessful, please be assured that it has been thoroughly reviewed. Your appeal will be re-considered in subsequent rounds if there are any available rooms due to cancellations from late July. Students are highly encouraged to source for alternative housing, you may find some resources for off-campus housing here.

Appeal Cut-Off DateRelease of Appeal Results
24 March - 7 May 202318 May 2023
23 - 31 May 202312 June 2023
20 June - 5 July 202317 July 2023
31 July 2023 2 August 2023