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  • Only full-time students registered with the National University of Singapore are eligible.
  • Students who are no longer of full-time status (e.g. on Leave of Absence, withdrew or graduated) and on overseas Student Exchange Programme (SEP) are not eligible to stay in NUS student accommodation and will be given 7 days’ notice to vacate their rooms except under exceptional circumstances.
  • Only new students who have formally accepted their offer to study Full-time in NUS are eligible for an NUS student accommodation. 
  • Students with outstanding arrears in their accommodation accounts will not be eligible for an NUS accommodation.
  • Students who are barred due to disciplinary or breach of housing agreement will not be eligible for an NUS accommodation for the duration of the barring period.
  • International students (non-Singaporean/Singapore PR) are required to have the appropriate and valid passes as issued by the Immigration & Custom Authority (ICA) or Ministry of Manpower (MOM) during the course of their stay in an NUS hostel.
  • Students are required to be insured under the NUS student insurance scheme or its equivalent throughout their stay in an NUS hostel.
  • From AY2022/2023 Semester 1, all hostel residents must be fully vaccinated or that they have been certified medically ineligible by a Singapore doctor, in order to be eligible to check-in to the hostel.
  • Full vaccination status requires that a person is up-to-date on the primary course and any booster jabs prescribed under the prevailing government guidelines.

Selection Criteria for Graduate Students

Single and Married Graduates Without Accompanying Spouse / Children
  • Priority will be accorded to full-time research students, particularly new students and final year students (1st and 2nd round applications).
  • As demand far exceeds supply, coursework graduate students are advised to budget and source for off-campus accommodation which may cost twice as much as on-campus accommodations. More information on off-campus housing can be found here.
  • Unless stated otherwise, the default selection criteria are based on random selection and availability.
Married Graduates With Accompanying Spouse / Children
  • Married research graduate students with accompanying spouse will be given priority for the married graduate accommodation, in particular, new incoming students (1st and 2nd round applications).
  • For UTown Residence Married Apartment and Prince George's Park Residence Married Apartment Type 2, the maximum occupancy is two adults (student and spouse).
  • Only Type 1 apartment of the Prince George's Park Residences Married Apartment is able to accommodate children. There can be a maximum of two accompanying children. The children’s age should not exceed 12 years old during the period of stay. Students with accompanying children are responsible for the behaviour and safety of their children in the apartments.
  • For current married graduate students who would be completing their candidature by the next semester, consideration may be accorded if the relevant documentation from supervisor or faculty is submitted during application.

To qualify for priority consideration, you must submit the following documents via the online portal, UHMS, during application:

Spouse documents

  • Passport
  • Marriage certificate (Official translation into English if it is in another (language)
  • Social Visit Pass / Student’s Pass /other valid Singapore passes (Employment Pass/Dependant’s Pass/Work Permit)
  • NUS Student card if your spouse is an NUS student and/or

Children documents

  • Passport (if accompanying students)
  • Birth certificate (Official translation into English if it is in another language)
  • Social Visit Pass / Dependant’s pass/ Student’s Pass