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Disability Support

About Us

NUS is committed to providing an inclusive and nurturing campus environment for students with disabilities and special education needs to achieve their fullest potential. The Disability Support Office at Office of Student Affairs (OSA) serves as a one-stop touchpoint dedicated to supporting the diverse needs that students with special needs may have. A range of support services and resources are available to facilitate an enriching and meaningful campus life in NUS. Help us understand the support that will be optimal for you by getting in touch or making an appointment to discuss them with us.

Guiding Principles

We promote and adopt the following guiding principles towards building an inclusive campus.

    • Educate
      Creating Awareness for Special Education Needs and nurturing a community that cares

    • Embrace
      Adopting an attitude of openness towards diversity as a way of life and the way we work.

    • Empower
      Enabling Students with Special Needs to lead an independent and fulfilling campus life and beyond.

Whether you are a prospective, new or existing student seeking support for your special educational needs, the information in this section serves to give you an overview of the different areas in which you may be seeking support. 

While we strive to facilitate support for your needs, It is equally important that you take ownership of your learning journey. 

You are encouraged to contact the Disability Support Office (DSO) at any point in time, if you would like to seek clarity on any area of support or discuss more about how your specific needs may be met.

Disclosure during Application for Admission

You are encouraged to disclose any special needs/assistance that you may require upon admission. The purpose of disclosure is to ensure that any special arrangements that need to be considered are promptly looked into.

Students on Exchange Programme

Write in to us or seek assistance with your home university’s Study Abroad Office or Disability Support Office equivalent to find out if the support that you require is available.

On-campus Accommodation

If you are a new student exploring on campus accommodation, it is important that you communicate this request to us early, so that we may assess if there are suitable on campus housing options for you. 

Refer to Hostel Admission for a comprehensive step-by-step on-campus housing admission guide. Where possible, a student may arrange with us to view a specific hostel together, to determine if the hostel may be suitable for your accommodation needs.

You may also be keen to look up these categories for more information about them.

1. Alternative Examination Arrangements
2. Guided Orientation
3. Mobility and Campus Accessibility
4. Internship, Employment and Career Advisory
5. Financial Support, Scholarships and Awards
6. Peer Support
7. Assistive Technologies (AT) Loan
8. AT facility and resting room (located at Pitstop)
9. Writing Support @ CELC
10. Other Resources (Useful Apps and External links)

Get In Touch

Agnes Yuen (Student Care Manager)
6516 8115